The volume of raw milk production in Russia in January-February 2012. increased by 4.3% — up to 4 million tonnes

  The volume of raw milk production in Russia in January-February 2012. increased compared to the same period in 2011. by 4.3% to 4,000,000 tons, the Agriculture Minister Yelena Skrynnik at a meeting of the "round table", which focused on the problems of the dairy industry. Also, according to the Minister, for the reporting period, the production of milk powder increased by 34.3%, cheese production — by 3.5%. In this case, the absolute numbers E. Skrynnik not named.

According to her, the agency noted a decrease in imports of dairy products. So, in January 2012. the main import of dairy products decreased by 18% — up to 449 thousand from 546 thousand tons in January 2011. t in milk.

During the meeting, E. Skrynnik recalled that in 2008 to 2011. the amount of subsidies to dairy farming in Russia amounted to 76 billion rubles. According to her, this year only on the development of livestock breeding will be allocated 3.5 billion rubles. plus 1 billion rubles. — The purchase of pedigree cattle.

The Minister also recalled that the draft state program to support agriculture in the 2013-2020gg. suggests subsidies for the production of each liter of milk in the autumn and winter, as well as subsidies for the modernization of processing facilities.

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation stated that the agency expects up to 2012. the Russian average price for raw milk producers at the level of 16 rubles. / l (but not less than 12 rubles. / l).

The Minister noted that by 2020. total milk production will rise to 36 million tonnes

In addition, E. Skrynnik drew attention to the fact that previously the Ministry sent letters to the leaders of the regions of Russia to strengthen the control of execution of technical regulations on milk and dairy products in the misuse of vegetable fats of tropical origin.

As reported at the meeting, the representative of the company "Danone-Unimilk" Marina Balabanov, in the regions of the Russian Federation at the present time there are problems with the implementation of the requirements of technical regulations. According to her, often small regional dairy market players violate these requirements, while at times the local authorities support such players turn a blind eye to violations. As a result, large companies in the non-competitive fight losing its market share.

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