The volume of Russian production of chicken meat increased by 16%


In 2010, the dynamics of the production of chicken meat in Russia was growing and promises to further increase. In 2009, the growth rate has slowed since in 2007 and 2008, they accounted for 20% and 21%, respectively. According to the calculations GLOBAL REACH CONSULTING (GRC), the volume of Russian meat and offal of chickens in 2010 increased by 16%.

The largest volumes of meat and offal of chickens produced in the Central Federal District over the whole observed period. The increase in production in the Central Federal District in 2010 was 12%, which, given the volume of production enterprises located in its territory, and leads to a significant increase from year to year, its share in total Russian production of meat chickens.

In 2011, the market is expected to grow meat chickens by increasing domestic production. The share of imported products in the Russian market of meat chickens, both in absolute and relative terms in 2011 could fall. To evaluate the effectiveness and attractiveness of the complex for the production of broiler meat will allow the business plan poultry.

A large proportion of chicken meat production in Russia is concentrated in the category of pairs of chickens — currently growing consumption of fresh and chilled meat products around the world. One of the peculiarities of the Russian market of meat chickens in recent years has been the increase in the proportion of chilled meat in the structure of production. So, now its share is around 50-60% of total production.

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