There is no crisis, no problem — Stalinist principle

"Or ended in Belarus economic crisis?" Meet people on the streets of Grodno.

Young man"I do not know, I think it is not over. Simply do not want to spoil your mood, hammer head foolish thoughts."

Mr."Why do people bother? NO crisis, no problem — the Stalinist principle … But if it was not? He's always there, just in a different form, it is my opinion: somewhere better, somewhere worse, and the crisis as was, and is, this is a permanent thing, can not be, that was the rise everywhere. "

An elderly man"He has not started, there was no crisis. Which could be a crisis in Belarus? People work, the salary is received, all we have."

Mr."In my opinion, he did not start. All of their family matters we decide how and solved, and the family — a cell of the state."

Mr.: He's sixteen years, we have the crisis. Language in decline, and without that any nation is dying, everything is destroyed. I connect with the people, just the kind of people: people come and go, but as the saying goes, "the rights of one, the crowd is not right." But if the crowd will be with the units, then it will be a society. "

Mr."As I speak, I will put …"

His friend: Said excess will not say anything, as will be put in a cell … I believe that people are just tired to talk about it, because there is progress, not who they touch someone — not, who knows? People have retired. If they share some impressions, in the family circle, the neighbors do not communicate with their neighbors, the Soviet era ended, and when people helped each other, and all were. So whom he touched, who not. People are only interested in the material side of life. Personally, I think that the biggest problem — it's the loss of morals of the younger generation, everything is measured by money. "

Mr."Yes crisis continues, there is in terms of purchasing power of the people. Saleability No, although we like the product, and a good, but not everyone can sell: here the competition is great: China, Turkey — cheap goods of light industry, and our friends, the Russian Federation . bit does not work here. "

Mr."So right away and did not answer, but probably still feel the crisis. And in what ways — do not even say this rally. Somewhere prices go up, and somewhere — on the contrary, on the flat, so write prices have dropped, as people went on holiday abroad and go, in my opinion, as built and are being built. "



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