Therefore, the way we live — in lies and misery

Ivan Galkovich of Svetlahorsk would like to hand over the apples in the procurement office, but he was asked a variety of reference. Sp.Galkovich says in this regard:

"I called the Svetlogorskij Rise-office, which is engaged in the blanks. Says: As you pass the apples? Need some help, I have a site that I have the right. I'm in the woods, there are so many apple growing, there is no reference no. So I say, what are you doing? Take, I'll bring you only pay money. If stolen, the catch and punish. apples as manure in the garden, but in the meantime I will take help — and then rotted apples.

The politician Yuri Belenky comments on the situation:

Yuri Belenky

"The state, if it is interested in the fact that there was economic prosperity must create an economic environment that would stimulate production of most products, the preservation of these products, their quality, making available to the consumer, promote trade, both internal and external.

The bodies that have ensure that economic agents to execute the law, pay taxes, can affect. But, well, what harm has brought this host? That he could get a fantastic income? Of course not! The state should not make any moves. It's not oil. Not now, "Bring Help," and then, if all of a sudden they see that someone is systematically delivers and receives a great deal of income and not paying taxes.

Man brought to the procurement centers apples, which then will be used to jam or juice. It's good. The difference in the approaches in psychology, philosophy, relationship to the economic system. "

Mr. Kovalev — the military retiree. He called for the freedom to tell you that yesterday, when he ran for his grandson in the army, began to think about what kind of ideology is now in the Belarusian army. On what values will bring his grandson?

"He carried out his grandson in the army, thought that was setup in our Generalissimo — rush to NATO tanks, if they go to the survivor mode, Yeltsin and Putin. Now in the East — the enemies, because I do not want to do the Belarusian economic miracle. Thought long and advised grandson to see three series (and maybe will continued) The Russian film "The Godfather."

The politician Nikolai Statkevich also a military retiree. He served in the Army and taught at the military college. He compared the then military system with the current:


"Ideology in the army is needed. It is built on the idea of patriotism. Feels army depends on it. To understand their need, the importance of the historical context.

Therefore it is always in the armed forces devote considerable attention to the military history of the state. The only exception that I know — it's the Belarusian army. There just taking into account the concept of personal main enemies of the state declared those who are the backbone of the strength of any army — Patriots Belarus.

Why Lukashenko builds personal state? Because when building an independent state in key positions put her patriots, and we eradicate them. "

Students of Liberty discuss the political and economic situation in the country. One of the students expressed briefly the meaning of most of today's call:

Lukashenka's power and it eats up all of the vertical cam shield themselves from the people. Therefore, the people of Belarus and lives. It lies and poverty.

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