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Lydia Sevastianova (center) looks forward to psychics. Experts are studying its history.
Photo: Ramil GALI

Today, July 10, in Moscow, opened the first in the history of mankind congress people, the "x", convened at the initiative of "Komsomolskaya Pravda". More than a hundred delegates gathered at the Central House of Scientists.

There was still the case that in one place at one time all over the country — from Irkutsk to Simferopol — were so many people with an extraordinary gift to see the internal organs, as X-ray machines. And this crazy idea was born — to hold a forum oldtimers — back in February, when all the media, including the "KP" and told the girl, "x-ray" — grader from Saransk Natasha Demkina. Imagine our surprise when the editor was showered with calls and letters from people with the same talent. And now they are here. The whole day will be demonstrating its strength when diagnosing patients. And the fight for the title of best-man "X-ray". The winners will be covered in the "KP" — Monday. "

What the scientists say

— I think that people 7 — 9 out of a hundred for sure will go to the finals — suggests the professor, senior researcher at the Center for Practical Radiology Vladimir Zhukovsky.

— One or two, not more — does not support his colleague Olga KAEKINA, MD, Ph.D., lead researcher of the federal clinical and scientific expertise center of traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment. Nevertheless, the two scientists have no doubt that some of the delegates to work as a real X-ray.

How to see psychics

Anna Kovalchuk, 15 years old, came from Taganrog. Will compete.

— Can you get to the final? — We ask.

— I'm important — part. I want to meet with the same unique person, like me.

— When she learned that you're not like the others?

— I was five years old when I began to see the beating heart, and that is in the stomach of my girlfriends. I thought that because they see everything. And then I was scared of what I see what others do not see. The parents were in a panic.

— What do you have to be disinfected?

— Several tumors. They absorbed.

We approach the other girl filling a special form of the Offeror. Mila, a native of Tver.

— Tell me, how do you see through people?

— When I look at a person, I see no face, and muscle tissue. And people do not have to memorize by their appearance, and as their bodies.

Vera patients

At the congress came about 50 patients who wish not only to clarify the diagnosis, but also to heal. Many will "help" to hold a competition for the best man, "x-ray" — to act as volunteers in the experiments with the "transmission".

In the queue for the people-the "x" is an elderly woman with a boy. Presented by Maria Pavlovna came from Mordovia.

— How you're not afraid to trust the people, which many scientists believe charlatans? — Genuinely surprised me.

— I'm not afraid — meets a woman. — A year ago, I officially diagnosed with thyroid cancer. And even the life defined: three months. I was in shock. And then a neighbor advised to go to a healer-grandmother in the village. She considered me for ten minutes, then did a strange passes with his hands and said, what herbs to drink. I come to your hospital after six months — no cancer. Is not it a miracle? But the grandmother died recently. And then his nephew misfortune — an allergy on almost all products. Doctors can not do anything. I hope to find a sensible healer you at the convention.


— The ability of these people, if it indeed exists, is far beyond the scope of our understanding of the mind, — one of the members of the jury, Olga KAEKINA. — Even in the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity is not studying. Personally, I would like to make a very real phenomenon. Or, conversely, to understand what it is not.

— What pushes psychics "surrender" to the court scientists? Why are not they afraid hear about charlatans?

— Many — sincerely deluded people. Other — mentally unbalanced. But let's not guessing — let's see what they can do.

Svetlana COUSIN July 9, 2004

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