This year in Kiev zoo animals died 114

From the beginning, in the Kiev zoo 114 animals died. Reported by the portal "Kiev. Comments "referring to the deputy director of the zoo on zoochasti Konstantin Orlov.

"The causes of death are different. The fact that the classes of animals have different life expectancy. Some animals live year, some can live for over 70 years. I would say that most of the dead animal was a natural death, "- said Orlov.

He also noted that to date, in the capital's zoo has 346 species and 2,477 individual animals.

Recall Kiev prosecutors began a thorough inspection of the Kiev Zoo.

In addition to checking into the deaths of two of David's deer rat poison, the General Directorate of Veterinary Medicine and vetmilitsii was instructed to check the conditions of the animals in the zoo, their daily diet and frequency of medical examinations.

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