To refuse the help of Moscow no reasonable politician would not

Society to these and other questions are answered by a journalist of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankovets and chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina.

What purpose was the BPF, taking Manifesto? Can we say that this document is a significant impact on the election campaign in opposition? How might the adoption of the Manifesto — combining or razyadnavchy?

Anti-Russian attacks in the Manifesto makes this document, to put it mildly, inappropriate

I think that, in any case, this document will not be sent out to unite the opposition. Frankly, I do not see much point in it, except PR BNF.

Pro-European slogans, the European direction, I think, would be supported by all the opposition candidates, and such a document, everyone would put their signature. But the anti-Russian attacks in the Manifesto makes this document, to say the least, inappropriate. Indeed, at a time when in fact Russia can seriously affect the way that Belarus has changed the mode to refuse this aid no sensible politician would not be what he thought.

Tsigankov: I just have the text of the manifesto read out in front of him and the moments that are associated with Russia. "We acknowledge that the threat to the political and economic independence of Belarus and freedoms of the citizens of our country not only goes against the current regime, but also from the highest political circles of Russia and associated oligarchs … consider useless and unacceptable working on the script, written in Moscow because they have a view to maintaining and strengthening customer Belarus' dependence on Russia formed the current regime, and will not lead to a real democratization of the country. "

What's so wrong with what is difficult to accept Belarusian democrats? You Svetlana themselves repeatedly in our programs talked about the economic advance of the Kremlin, which threatens the independence of Belarus.

Kalinkina: BPF party does not know the script, written in Moscow. And I do not know, and in our "Red House" do not know, and I think in Moscow itself does not know.

It reminds me of that situation in which he found himself BNF. If they were collecting books, toys, and transported them to a children's home, and the government gave them orders not to take.

If today there are some signs, the chances that Russia can reach out and help in regime change, it gives us a chance to replace that regime. Another problem — whether the opposition will take advantage of this chance to not come pro-Moscow candidate to avoid turning Belarus from Europe and so on.

Mr. Sannikov hopes to help Russia

In the meantime, the BPF adopted a document in which all analytical and political circles is perceived as anti-Russian. In my view, this is no longer necessary.

Pankovets: I would not agree with Svetlana, that the document has some anti-Russian motives. Where do you see here antyraseyskasts? In what promises to bring the next president of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and Belarus Customs Union? No, no antyraseyskastsi here. Odium of the Manifesto are not. BNF has to break off diplomatic relations with Russia or introduce a visa regime on the border.

For a long time, the opposition accused Lukashenko that he was a vassal of Russia. But what it consisted of? It was in these treaties and agreements. Why then do we have to stay in these treaties?

The first reaction to the manifesto of some Belarusian politicians was quite negative, for example, Andrei Sannikov. How do you explain that?

Pankovets: First of all, this reaction appears to be caused by the fact that Mr. Sannikov hopes to help Russia. At one time, the information printed in Newsweek, allegedly Sannikov be a candidate in Moscow, it seems, has been launched. He hopes to play this card.

But why should we rely on Russia? Is it expressed any questions about human rights in Belarus, the state of the independent media? There is rather a problem of any personal conflicts of heads of state and business interests.

When the Russian media began to pressure on the Moldovan President Voronin, the Moldovan opposition began to run for short-term success. She was determined to achieve their goals, and in principle reached. A Belarusian opposition wants to become a great success with the help of Moscow, which is not always safe.

No sensible politician does not throw a stone in her hand outstretched, which offers help

If we talk about Sannikov, the previous couple of years he played a very active as the most pro-European politician in Belarus, spoken quite strongly against Russian influence in Belarus. You can bring a lot of his anti-Russian statements. But elections begin — and suddenly the rhetoric is changing. How do you feel about that?

Kalinkina: I treat this with great understanding. This means that Mr. Sannikov becomes a politician. No sensible politician does not go to elections with slogans that are unpopular with the electorate. No sensible politician does not throw a stone in his hand stretched out to him that offers help.

Tsigankov: But is there any certainty that this Russian hand really continue the Belarusian opposition? Russia or simply pursuing its own goals, it does not help the opposition goal …

Kalinkina: All in politics pursue only their goals. This is the virtuoznasts policy — take a chance in their favor. And here I would have shared the same two problems. One — to use or not by Russia, the other — what to do after the change of power.

Dmitry, well, indeed, can the policy is immaterial, whose help use to come to power. Then you can still do things their own way, paying no attention to those who gave money to the campaign.

Pankovets: Recently, in the examination of "Freedom" I have already given this parallel — with Poland in the 18th century. Then the Polish-Belarusian know also hoped to help Russia. How did this end, all is well remembered — the collapse of the state, and its entry into the Russian Empire. So this has to be very careful.

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