Tomorrow Lukashenko declared anathema telekillerom

Moscow edition of "Tomorrow", which is issued by the Russian national-patriot Alexander Prokhanov, put in today's issue of his review of the television series "NTV", "The Godfather."

In the article by Vladimir Osipov, "anathema" NTV "directed against President Alexander Lukashenko movies are called" evil defamatory "and that" propaganda boomerang, which will inevitably come back to those who started it. "And then, as the author notes, will not find it." There God's providence. And anathema on the heads of television "killers" with their customers! "

Author of confusion, "the only post-Soviet state leader who openly admits the national religion of Christianity. Otherwise in mind only the" universal values ", as measured in dollars."

That is why, according to the article, the "father" of Lukashenko, dubbed it as Belarusians, caused anger and hatred world behind the scenes, Brussels, London and Washington, and along with them the Russian liberals antyhrystsiyanav. "

"The easiest way to compromise a modern politician — to show he was unjustly acquired wealth, private palaces, villas, cottages and inform about the astronomical sums on personal accounts in Swiss bank accounts (the CIA is willing to help.) But nothing like that in the" last dictator in Europe "is not .. . "enteveshniki" bite elbows: Lukashenka — virtually the only corrupt leader in the "near abroad", he was even part of the presidential salary returns to the budget. "

"Lukashenko works hard, and sleeps 4-5 hours a day, continues to Vladimir Osipov, in its publication. The morning when it is still dark, looking at the most important news bulletin. And do not give any gift to privatize Belarusian company. Therefore, that Lukashenko — host, the real master of the republic, not grabber-waster, liberals of all stripes hate him even more. But our officials as witnesses, the interest of any new business with only the amount that will be on their personal account in a foreign bank. "

Therefore, in the "enteveshniki" took up another theme: that in Belarus the mass of people disappearing. And not just people, namely those who criticized the "Father" … The proof? And what are they for? Lie shamelessly — better work.

"We in Russia annually disappears without a trace 30 thousands of people. That does not include about the same number of deaths. However, no one will "hang" the corpses of Putin and Medvedev. Is that German demaliberaly. I remember that during Putin's visit to Germany stood with placards which accused Mr Putin for the deaths of journalist Politkovskaya criticized it as it … "- Says Vladimir Osipov and continues:

"We argue about the alleged abnormal love the president to his little son. Jumped out of nowhere, like the devil-the-box," psychiatrist "and begins to speak of the outstanding political leader of the Slavic" mosaic psychosis ", it is one that manifests itself somehow places fragments "mosaic." It also shows the portrait of Stalin, too, they say, psychopathic personality, with Lukashenko — twins "…

"It is equally disgusted when the Supreme Commander in the year of the 65th anniversary of Victory announce" psychopath "and put on a par with Hitler."

"This is a shame and a disgrace when the information war announce the last and only ally of Russia, I think it will be isolated Lukashenko will not be able to pay for the" Russian "oil and gas and not your trust — friends he can find on Worldwide, from Cuba to China. Not the world sold for dollars … , "Wrote the author of the article in the Moscow edition of" Tomorrow. "


NTV, "The Godfather"

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