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Gas cross — a mystery that hide from us

Most of the electricity in our country today is produced with gas. 91% of Russia's natural gas production is concentrated in Western Siberia (Yamal). Almost all gas produced in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, through one area. Local residents from the village Pravohettinsky, near which it is located, called it very fittingly — "Gas Cross." Thence through the narrow corridors close to each other sometimes go seventeen pipelines in a row.

Whether intentionally done so that the life of the European part of Russia (and not only in Russia), where two-thirds of the population is dependent on one area of the Yamal — a rhetorical question, for people who understand the current location of the World. This place is not even guarded. Therefore, this cut the "gas cross" and cause a disaster in the country's energy is very easy!

Gas cross

Now imagine that the cold of winter to this point, the size of 500×500 meters, which collect 17 pipelines, will be hit. This will result in the termination of the CHP. That is the middle of winter we are left without heat and light. And so the entire European part of Russia, and the half of the Tyumen region. For one night, no heat will not only most of Russia and European countries, depending on the gas in our country. Destroying one blow "Cross" will be destroyed half of our energy. Russian frost, which will operate 24 hours a day and do all the work by natural selection. He will kill everyone — women, children, old people, men, military … anyone who is not a source of heat and food. Him on the spot, who's who in Russia. Favorite New Year Santa Claus for the first time in its history will show us their teeth. We — not the aggressors! What's the use if we prepare a good defense, and the enemy will not come to us on earth? What's the use to hide weapons, based on guerrilla warfare, if freeze those to whom it was intended?

Before the revolution of 1917, we were poorly developed, but a war with precision weapons were fitted just perfect. The people lived in villages — himself fed and heat sources were individual, they were at all. We went mostly on horseback. Try, povoyuem with.

After the revolution, our country has become a leader — we have a lot of burning hydrocarbons, the people moved to the cities. Sources of heat and light were centralized. Russian steel travel in cars and trains. We are ideally adapted to all our harsh climate — using cheap gas. But because of that we are trapped in, which remain gasmen not obvious. Because 78% of Russia's population lives in cities, most of which are heated with gas. City, heated with coal, will die of hunger. Indeed, lack of electricity will result in a stop of transport and communication. No one to bring products to the city, and food does not come from the air. Therefore, on those who today are still eager to live in the city, one can only laugh at.

But sensible advise stocking coal, wood, food and weapons.

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