Tropical rain will fill the night Moscow

Tropical downpour in Moscow will last for at least an hour. Will be followed by a short break, then rain continued all night coming, predicts Met Office in the capital.

Heavy rain fell in the rush hour, when the majority of Muscovites in the office and the jobs and go home. But many citizens are trying to wait for the "technological" box in the celestial office and not in a hurry to go out. It is expected that the sky will clear up first in the south-east of Moscow, then to rain overnight stops throughout the city.

According to weather forecast, rain after the break will go with a bang and will be shed until the morning. On Saturday, precipitation will continue, but will not be as generous. Yet sometimes the sun will appear in the clouds.

Many of the streets of the capital after the squally showers turned into rivers. By eliminating the effects downpour began, more than 120 pieces of equipment SUE "Mosvodostok." On most streets in the north and north-west of the city formed the flooded areas. The water level in most of the flooded areas does not exceed 20 centimeters. However, this is difficult traffic situation in the city.

Heavy rainfall recorded in the north, north-west, in the center of Moscow. Eyewitnesses say that in Polezhaevskaya — a real flood. The street Mnevniki people make their way through the water, all the cars have risen. In the south, south-east and east of heavy precipitation was observed. In these areas, accumulating water goes into receiving waters for three to five minutes.

Because of the rain metropolitan motorists literally opened navigation on Bolotnaya Embankment in Moscow. These frames eyewitnesses sent to the site "Mobile reporter."

Meanwhile, in Gidrometeometeobyuro Moscow and Moscow region warn that the Moscow suited powerful storm front and cumulus clouds. In this regard, in the next few hours in the capital is expected to more powerful wave of natural disasters with thunderstorms and hail, than it was just that.

In SUE "Mosvodostok" assured that if you want to eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster will involve more than 200 vehicles, according to ITAR-TASS.

Heavy rain in Moscow







Just 10 minutes of heavy rain had completely paralyzed the movement not only the roadway but also tratuar. People are forced to seek safety in stores, and especially desperate barefoot!

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