True Hollywood Stories — Eminem watch online

True Hollywood Stories - Eminem watch online

Upon hearing the song Eminem, His mother comes in and takes on a nightmare of his son to the court for improper comments to her the address made by the album "The Slim Shady LP ". Rapper She asks from 10 million dollars in compensation for moral damage. Scandal, but does not impact on the implementation of the second album," The Marshall Mathers LP ", debuted at the South American charts in May 2000 (the first week of the U.S. has sold nearly two million copies of the disc), and has made Eminem the luckiest rapper since Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur.
As with the previous album, new disk is controversial: some criticize the rapper in a very brutal lyrics, while others, on the contrary, Eminem elevate to heaven and declare the most prominent white-rapper. Bolshennymi hits from the new album are songs of "The Real Slim Shady"," Stan "(the chorus of which Eminem sampled vocals young British singer Dido) and" The Way I Am ".

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