True Hollywood Story — Heath Ledger watch online

True Hollywood Story - Heath Ledger watch online

I very well remember this day. Winter, I went to work, came to look at the web-mail, and saw this: Killed Heath Ledger. I was a fan of the actor. I watched it with him 5 or 6 movies. And I did not know anything about him, except as what great talent he is mystical. But rezanulo heart pain. Do not become that guy with an unusual grin and equally unusual sight. Do not become an actor, which did hollywood studio Cinématographe. Bold Man, not boyavshegosya tests and complex roles. The first time I saw it in the "Knight's saga." My little son was still truly fascinated by this white-haired knight with his legs in raskoryachku. I took it for posters and diaries with photos Heath. Later there were "Brothers Grimm" in which he could play with Johnny. Very I am sorry that Johnny could not. And it will never be. This duo. Horrible word — ever. Dark hole, where hopes are flying.

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