Turkey was the third major earthquake

Earthquake in TurkeyIn eastern Turkey in Van province earthquake of magnitude 5.2, the third in the last month. In communities panic. Information about the destruction and deaths have been reported yet.

The epicenter of the disaster is 30 km from the city of Van, near the village of Mollakasim, and its center lies at a distance of 10 km underground. Meanwhile, the tremors were felt in neighboring cities. Hundreds of people fled their homes at night and ran out into the streets, fearing to die under the rubble. Even patients preferred to leave the hospital and spend the night in the parking lot, according to ITAR-TASS.

According to the Turkish seismologists, after the first earthquake occurred four tremors of magnitude 2.5 to 3.3. Rather, the earthquake — an echo of the disaster first October 23, the director of the National Center for monitoring seismic activity Dogan Calafat. Seismologists do not exclude that aftershocks in the south-east of the country will continue for a few months.

According to RBC daily earlier, on October 23 in the province of Van in eastern Turkey was the first destructive earthquake of magnitude 7.2, tremors were reported in 30 km from the provincial capital city of Van. After that, during the day in the region continued aftershocks of magnitude 5.1 and 6.1. As a result of the disaster had destroyed the building in 2262. Victims of disasters have 604 people.

November 9 brunt of the disaster struck again on the country, 16 km south of the city of Van. An earthquake measuring 5.7 has meant that 25 houses collapsed, established during the first earthquake in October. In 22 of them no one lived: all were evacuated in the last month. However, in the remaining buildings killed seven people and injured more than 100.

Turkey is located in a seismically active area and earthquakes are here permanently. The most powerful earthquakes in the country were reported in 1999 in the Sea of Marmara. Then, their magnitude was 7.4. The earthquake killed about 18 thousand.

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