Two dead after landslide in Afghanistan

Two dead after landslide in AfghanistanTwo people were killed and 12 injured in the city of Charikar, the capital of Parwan province, Afghanistan, as a result of descent from the mountains mudslides caused by heavy rains, told journalists the head of the provincial security director Shirahmad Maldani police.

According to police, agriculture hit the city on Tuesday at 23:00 local time, when residents were asleep. Mud rivers washed away or partially destroyed more than 100 homes in the area Barch Yazdah. Killed two children aged eight and 12 years old, among the wounded — four women and six children.

In the disaster area were rushed police units that are engaged in search and rescue operations and evacuation of the population from the area affected by the disaster.

According Maldani, more than 400 Afghan families were evacuated from the scene of the incident, at the present time they do not have shelter and food. In Charikar a committee to assess the damage caused to the elements, and will soon be delivered to the affected food and tents.

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