U.S. Air Force intend to develop energy weapon

U.S. Air Force intend to develop energy weapon
Latin American Air Force had spent millions of dollars want to explore the unknown «biological effects» suffered by in a human body when it is subjected to impact micro and radio waves. Air Force rely use them for the creation of new types of power tools.

Not so long ago, «the study of biological effects unit» U.S. Air Force announced that they will conduct a series of research to identify which molecular configuration in the human body can cause radiation energy nonlethal weapon. The Air Force intends to explore a whole range of weapons: «Chemical agents to suppress riots, directed energy systems, acoustic instrument, broadband light emission, also blunt impact materials.» For research, which will last for 7 years, allocated 49 million dollars.

If a similar instrument developed by other civilization and apply it against the U.S. military, the Air Force wish to learn, with what consequences for the health of people they may encounter. But this project has a downside. The ad says that the identification of new bioinfluence the human body may have «as a defensive and attacking» value, and lead to «the creation and unfolding of directed energy systems.»

But first, these studies will be required. For this unit will «genomic, proteomic and metabolic studies to determine which critical biochemical or molecular configuration caused by exposure to directed energy weapons, or to fit the operation.» This means — to examine how high-Focused strikes microwaves and radio waves to change our metabolites, DNA and proteins.

In theory, most of the directed energy systems shall not cause lasting harm a person after their exit from the affected area, not counting the various non-lethal effects, such as prolonged vomiting. In other words, if you want to suspend military man who is coming to their position, sound blaster or thermal beam is a useful option «escalation of force», as stated in the application of air power.

In other words, it is on the scale of the likely impact is somewhere between audible warning and shot to kill. It should be noted that such devices are not innovative. Sound cannons, such as, LRAD (acoustic device acts far) use a combination of audio frequencies that are so unbearable for the human ear that cause naisilneyshy vomiting. In the case of exposure to the radiation ADS (active opposition to the system), which are used in millimeter waves for the creation of feeling that a person is burning alive — which is very painful, but not fatal intentionally. But if the system is to enable the full power of people can get quite severe burns.

A similar instrument is also in a certain way the problem of diplomacy. System actively discourage short term sent to Afghanistan, but then hastily withdrew without a single use because the politicians thought that the use of this system in promoting the Taliban will be of great value. But after the murder of a South American ambassador to Benghazi and attacks on U.S. diplomats, the Municipal Department said that the introduction of non-lethal weapons may be one of the possible systems for the protection of the Embassy of the terrorist attacks.

But of course, the development and introduction of exotic instruments, disrupt the human body completely unexplored methods, if you can call diplomatic.

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