U.S. Coast Guard destroyed a Japanese ghost ship

The U.S. destroyed the Japanese coastguard "ghost ship." Fishing boat "Mara", which is a result of the earthquake in Japan last year lied to and crossed the Pacific Ocean, sank to the seabed.

Trawler boat fired on the U.S. Coast Guard, citing the fact that the "ghost ship" represented a significant threat to navigation.

The bombardment ship caught fire and started to list to one side, but to stay on the surface, according to RIA Novosti. Two hours after the first attack American boat again opened fire on the "ghost ship", and only another two hours, "Mara" sank about 280 kilometers from the coast of Alaska.

Japanese side of the notification on detection trawler managed to establish the shipowner, who expressed no desire to return the ship. The vessel is the minimum amount of fuel and there is no load, as before the earthquake in Japan, the vessel was intended for disposal.

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