U.S. South disrupt the April tornado

About 300 people were killed in a series of tornadoes in the southern United States. Dozens of people are still unaccounted for. Hardest hit Alabama, where the element has claimed the lives of nearly 200 people. Cmerch wider than a mile was the largest in the history of weather observations in the state.

In just two days of the southern states swept at least 300 tornadoes. Hurricane rains accompanied by thunderstorms and hail. Storm warning meteorologists announced in advance. But no emergency services, nor the inhabitants of the disaster of such a force did not have time to prepare.
Lists of victims are updated every hour. Alabama alone has killed nearly 200 people. Today, the most affected state visit Barack Obama to personally assess the extent of the devastation. The consequences of a tornado president has called catastrophic.

"To prevent natural disasters is impossible. However, we are able to cope with the consequences. And every American who has suffered as a result of the disaster, can be sure that the federal government will do everything possible to fix the damage," — said the president of the United States Barack Obama.

Rescuers staff working around the clock. The search for the missing lead and the residents themselves. Powerful vortex literally wiped out entire neighborhoods, leaving behind a trail a mile wide.
"I'm looking for my relatives. This was their home, I hope they come back here. At the hospital they do not, the police also do not provide information, we can only pray and wait," — says Claudia Keane.
Storm caught many drivers on the road. According to witnesses, the hurricane lifted into the air cars as toys. Flips even trucks and heavy equipment.
"The fact that things are not the best way, I realized, when I saw a house that literally flew over the highway. And after a few seconds, the tornado flipped my truck," — said Tom Rose, a truck driver.
Element in some degree affected at least 10 states. In addition to Alabama reports of casualties come from Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky and Arkansas. Storm warning operates in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maryland, North and South Carolina, West Virginia, Vermont and New York.
Local authorities have yet to assess the damage. But experts are already saying that we are talking about billions of dollars. Destroyed hundreds of homes, flooded a huge area. Without electricity, there are hundreds of thousands of people. Residents say that the elements of such a binge, they have not seen for at least the past 20 years. This adds: tornado season has not really started in the summer things could be much worse.


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