U.S. south struck another snowstorm

U.S. south struck another snowstorm

Strong winter storms hit on Wednesday at the U.S. Southern states, which have not yet abolished the impact of previous disasters.

As representatives of the emergency services, the strongest impact of elements took over the state of Arkansas and Oklahoma. They fell for the day to 60 cm of snow, resulting in paralyzed traffic on the roads.

At the intersection of highways 44 and 69, about 90 km from the city of Tulsa (Oklahoma), has accumulated more than 200 trucks, which can not continue driving, the ITAR-TASS news agency.

For rescuing drivers caught in snowdrift on the tracks in the region, the government appealed to the National Guard, which put on the road a lot of equipment and thousands of troops.

Because of the near-zero visibility temporarily suspended operations at airports in the region. Now flights are serious delays — runways covered snowdrifts.

In addition, airports are overcrowded passengers who can not get home because of the situation on the roads.
According to local media reports, snow storms that raged in two states of the entire environment, claimed the lives of two people.

U.S. Weather Service warned that a powerful cyclone continues to move south. In the next day 12 inches of rain falls in northern Mississippi and a little less — in Atlanta.

The threat of a blizzard announced in Louisiana and Georgia. Local authorities are preparing to introduce the state of emergency and ask for help from the federal government and the military.

In these southern states such weather occurs relatively rarely, so they do not have enough snow plows and park reserves necessary reagents.

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