UFO in Siberia: Part 1. Beat the aliens

In the last ten days of May 1997 in the northern spurs of the North-Chu ridge Southeast Altai crash occurred remained unidentified low-flying object (UFO). Dark thick choking cloud and odor covered a vast territory, from the mouth of the river Feeling to the Mongolian border.

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20,000 indigenous people, including members of the Defense Ministry, border guards, were as if in a gas chamber. Almost all were poisoned from mild discomfort to death …

It took one and a half years. But since no one admitted his involvement in the UFO crash. The victims did not receive medical care. Not paid compensation to the families who have lost relatives. Not compensated for the loss of livestock damage, contamination with poisonous chemicals winter and summer pastures, the jewels of the Altai — Kurai and Chu mountain steppes.

Undertaken by the republican authorities at the expense of the local budget study of medical and environmental consequences of the accident led to UFOs sensational results. People were amazed by chlorine — chemical warfare substances used even in the First World War.

For the first time this accident on the secret meeting of the Federation Council Chairman of the State Assembly of the Altai Republic Daniel Tabaev. Some details of the accident, he said in an interview with the newspaper "Trud" November 3, …

"We are following — written in June 1997, residents of the village Kurai. — Along the banks of rivers, swamps yellowing trees. Feeling on the river and shallow rivers kills fish. With yellowed needles of larch dust flies from which watery eyes. After drinking the water in the marshes, die young cattle.

People get sick. Villagers complain of shortness of breath, "sand" in the eyes, watery eyes, body rash, nausea, headaches … In children, the symptoms for a long time does not pass the flu. After bathing in the rivers and stay in the woods on the body appear purulent abscesses, when hit by rain or the use of water from open reservoirs hair falls on his head.

Son gives no peace, no rest. People have become irritable. The entire population of panic-stricken. But we do not know what's going on. "

No board rooms, helicopter appeared immediately after the poisonous fog lifted. Flew village Kurai, Kyzyl-Tash, Chagan-Uzun, Beltir. Appeared regularly — from Mongolia. Several times a helicopter sat near the villages of Kurai, Kyzyl-Tash — in the wilderness, in the woods, by the river. At the time of planting and crew came out of the helicopter people avoided to make contact with the local population.

Residents of the village of Kyzyl-Tash, watching through binoculars for their actions, have noticed that they take samples of water, soil and vegetation samples were collected. Close to the helicopter managed to approach the student grade 5. He said that he saw a helicopter come out 10 — 12 people. Despite the intense heat, they were wearing rubber boots, gloves, suits, gas masks. Divided into groups using a syringe taken from the river water and poured in a container.

Breaks off and stacked in bags of larch branches, digging shovel earth. Soon, one of the groups found a teenager. Checked — Do not climb with his head hair, carefully palpated the stomach and … released and advised not to swim in the river, do not pick berries and mushrooms, goodbye explained: you have in the village of "gas" …

At the end of May 1997 in all rural schools along the Chu tract (from the village to the village Ongudaj Tashanta) unidentified persons at the same time verbally instructs children how to behave in the situation in South-Eastern Altai. It was forbidden to swim in the rivers, fish, pick mushrooms and berries. Must wear hats. Children encouraged to drink one tablespoon of vodka, adults — half a cup.

…In 1947, after the explosion of the atomic bomb at the Semipalatinsk test site by unknown persons, traveling by car on the Kazakh steppe, poured a glass of vodka shepherds, to admire the nuclear mushroom.

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