UK: plutonium was more dangerous than previously thought




Plutonium can be much more dangerous than previously thought. A new study found that the risk of cancer when it is ingested, the body is 10 times higher than permitted in calculating international safety standards. The dangers of plutonium are described in the new report, prepared by specialists to radio waves for the British government. Experts unanimously agree that the weak radiation emitted by plutonium can deal more damage to human cells than previously thought.

Over the past 60 years in the atmosphere has got several tons of plutonium from nuclear tests and in the work of processing plants that substance. Experts from Europe and North America have shown that cells derived from cells exposed to radiation, but the remaining intact, may suffer from a so-called deferred damage the phenomenon of "genetic instability". Cells that have appeared of those that once were exposed to suffer from increasing the number of mutations in small pieces of DNA called mini-satellite. There are fears that these mutations cause cancer and other diseases. All this gives grounds for scientists to raise the hazard assessment of plutonium and

Battery News, 21.07.2004 13:16

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