Uninvited guests of the Earth …

Everything connected with the UFO in the light of current events and everyday earthly problems may seem departed in the past. However, this is not the case. According to incoming reports, unexplained flying objects continue to excite the minds of scientists, UFO researchers, enthusiasts who want to find a reasonable explanation for the phenomenon of UFOs.

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UFO flying in the vicinity of our planet, evidence of meetings with representatives of the earthlings cosmic mind, the place of landing flying objects were the subject of scrutiny by the major research centers. Today obvious is the fact that UFOs — is the object of extraterrestrial origin. This raises the question of who and how these objects are created, from which the distant planet they arrive to us, and how to overcome the monstrous distances that separate us from the rest of the cosmos?

After all, in the nearby planets intelligent life is found, and the more civilization capable of creating space objects and Lata for interplanetary flights. Answers to these questions are possible, if we consider the theory and hypothesis of the existence of parallel worlds.

The theory of parallel universes put forward at the time Russian thinker and philosopher Peter Ouspensky in the monograph "The key to the mysteries of the world." In this book, he put forward an original idea that in outer space there are a number of parallel worlds that are in different dimensions: one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and even twelve-.

And where is the passage between the two?

This question was answered by a professor at the Karolinska University Laura Mersini, putting forward the hypothesis that black holes — this is the desired goal in the parallel worlds of which we arrive to our brothers in mind. Thus, the UFO — a spaceship, extraterrestrial beings who used to fly to lie parallel worlds. So far, that earthly civilization is far from creating such objects. Our share remains to study these flying objects, surprised by their design hypotheses of origin. However, over time, mankind also learn to traverse space and time. Science-fiction novel by Sergei Snegova "Expedition to the Otherworld" tell it about the era of flights earthlings in parallel worlds. It is possible that this era is near.

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