United States: the growth of knowledge reduces the accuracy of the memory




Adults possess his memory is much worse than children because "burdened" burden of knowledge, scientists say.

Igor Slutsky Ohio State University (USA) made a comparison of the "fast" memory in adults and children five years old.

Subjects were first submit multiple pictures with images of cats, bears and birds. If a re-run shots randomly required to identify the familiar image.

Adults correctly identified 7% of the images, and children — 31%.

Obviously, adults intuitively categorized pictures and remember only what is in the picture "cat" — they are not interested in the details, the researchers suggest. The child looks into the characteristics. Therefore, adults often confuse similar images.

"The growth of knowledge in some cases, reduces the accuracy of memory", — said Igor Slutsky.

Battery News, 26.07.2004 15:40
Source: Radio "Svoboda"

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