«UNIVERSAL» successfully passed qualification tests

As said the press service of CRI «Petrel», the first serial improved standard 100-mm automatic naval gun mount A190-01 «Universal» has successfully passed the qualification tests and confirmed full compliance with the requirements of the customer.

Shipped standard for equipping military shipbuilders ship project 21631 «Grad Svijazhsk» being built at a shipyard Zelenodol’sk A.M.Gorkovatogo behalf.

During naval operations before the command of a warship acutely worth task defeat a wide range of purposes: air, including anti-ship missiles, and offshore and onshore. Artillery can solve this puzzle is quite excellent and inexpensive. That’s why the most complex weapons Navy ships cut one gun.

To this end, CRI «Petrel» made 100-mm automatic naval artillery Single-unit tower. It has a rate of 80 rounds per minute and the ability to hit targets at a distance of over 20 km range of angles from minus 10 to 85 degrees vertically and ± 170 degrees over the horizon.

This artillery system created to equip ships with a displacement of 500 tons, the index assigned A190-01 «Universal». Manage artillery system is remotely controlled, with automatic performance of all operations, including bringing the embattled installation, selection of the appropriate ammunition, its flow and loading, pointing the barrel and shot.
The electrical system of automatic control greatly simplifies the preparation of A190-01 «Universal» for combat use, firing, transfer and continuous diagnostics disk imaging device status. Presentable as the possibility operator training without including the effect of the main gun mount devices.

Tower artillery systems, made on technology «Stealth», reduces visibility to ship funds enemy radar. In late 2010, the Russian Government decided to organize the production of A190-01 «Universal» in the Central Research Institute of «Thunderbird.» This enterprise was considered more prepared for the construction of technical systems such difficulties. Formed industrial cooperation with the inclusion of the leading companies of the artillery branch.

After the technical upgrading of production facilities and painstaking process of preparation has been put into the creation of a series of samples A190-01 «Universal» for Navy ships to be constructed by the State programmke weapons for the period until 2020.

Immediately spices CRI «Petrel» held gun mount design improvement concerning translation into modern element base electric, hydraulic equipment and automatic control system complex.
These configurations are helping to increase system reliability. So first install the latest serial standard A190-01 «Universal» made and passed-firing tests in bolshennom volume (over 700 shots). They have confirmed full conformity with the technical installation criteria and effectiveness of measures to improve it.

The gun works flawlessly! Immediately proved clarity functioning manufacturing complex and reliable partners CRI «Petrel» for cooperation, such as OAO «MZ», JSC «Uraltransmash», JSC «Murommashzavod» Institute of «Signal», JSC SKB PA and others.

Now CRI «Petrel» assembles and debugging regular samples A190-01 «Universal» on programmke 2013. So, the government’s decision to establish a CRI of «Petrel» serial production A190-01 is satisfied. Delivery on shipbuilding factory refreshed ship artillery systems, which eagerly awaiting military sailors started!

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