Updated UAZ Patriot and unexpected crash test

Oddly enough — but AvtoMayl.ru, in the heart of the monastery haters Russian car industry, was published an excellent review of the updated "The Patriot" with elegant photographs.


 Lada … This name is familiar to every Russian motorist. But zadneprivodnye VAZ models of "penny" to "Seven" to the test UAZ Patriot nothing to do! Just test the updated SUV uazovtsy organized in the Middle Volga region on the hill called the Lada, which is located on the banks of the Volga near Togliatti.

 From the point of view of geography, Zhigulevskie mountains hills are considered, although the terrain has a pronounced mountainous character with rocks, cliffs, steep cliffs and deep ravines. Here extract oil, construction and natural limestone pavement. That's just the last of the Samara region sorely lacking — covering local "highway" wrinkled, mottled with potholes of various sizes. We'll go slowly? Not to "UAZ"! At cruising speeds Patriot confidently flies road imperfections — the term "breakdown suspension" of this machine is not familiar.

So the most comfortable for the movement to "Patriot" sets the speed is not the quality of Russian roads, and other factors, the main of which — the vague steering. In the near-zero zone bagel is empty, and to keep the car on the line, it is necessary if the drivers of Soviet films, constantly catching the car podrulivaniyami. Each of the six test machines ruled in different ways! Hopefully, uazovtsev summed whipped wheel alignment, not build quality.

 During a photo shoot on a sandy beach photographer constantly lamented that the interior does not have time to shoot — say, now inside the cluttered sand soiling salon. To our surprise, the interior of the machine has not got any single grain of sand, which means that the eternal problem of their SUVs — the weak seals — uazovtsy finally won


When cornering, the situation is compounded by a low sensitivity to the actions of the wheel — in fast motion along the winding paths have to literally "wound" on the steering wheel, which from stop to stop making endless four turns. Heavily … And driving to work ahead of the curve — the driver turned the steering wheel and the car careening the first and only then begin to rotate. Abrupt maneuvers like "moose test", "Patriot" in general are contraindicated if the driver does not scare the huge rolls, of recklessness quickly otuchat "slick" tires.

The conclusion? Driving an SUV from Ulyanovsk, it is better not to hurry. But we wanted to get to the mountain before dark flatbread. And while traveling, noted that the work of the air conditioner was actually a model. Reduces the temperature of the air, and (which is unusual for a "UAZ") … it decreases! And very quickly — thanks to electric drive gates instead of rope. The fan is almost inaudible even at full speed. 

Why uazovtsy decided to renovate the interior right now? Most likely, because the front panel of the former type was imported from Iran, and, given the situation that is emerging around the country in a "perfect", the plant could simply be left without completing. The new interior is done in Russia


Actually, the update UAZ Patriot — an improved climate control system and a new interior. Not updated, namely the new! Two-tone finish, soft plastics, stylish and easy chetyrehspitsevy bagel — pay more attention to the collectors to the small details and the front of the "Patriot" would envy many foreign cars. No kidding. Buttons, levers and krutilki pressed and rotated in inomarochnomu thoroughbred, the instrument panel is easy to read … So the title of "most high-quality interior of domestic cars" Ulyanovsk-terrain vehicle is deserved.

But the fact that the ancestors of the "patriots" for decades wore military uniform (UAZ Patriot is built on the frame of the good old "four hundred sixty-ninth"), new interior does not hide. And because judges inomarochnoy ease sadden truly masculine efforts on controls and … strongly biased to the left pedals. The offset so that the unaccustomed to uazovskim features drivers often miss the mark by the clutch and a powerful blow hammered the brake pedal.

The total number of interior parts reduced by a third, and so completely disappeared squeaks. Climate control with electric shutters instead of rope and duct reconfigured for a more rapid climate change — a joint product of engineers from Ulyanovsk and the German company Sanden


Other interior "shoals" treatable. First you need to work on dvuhdinovaya radio brand "Ural", which is familiar to many motorists on vazovskim "Priority". Now is a staff equipping even the base versions of "The Patriot". Sounds uralovskaya "music" indistinctly, to manage its settings have literally blind — green characters on a black screen completely unreadable, but, more importantly, "Balalaika" constantly freezes! And even the handsfree function, USB port and Bluetooth protocol support not make this "bloat" welcome.

But what really "uazovodu" to music? For it is much nicer cozy rumbling gasoline engine and transmission melodic whine. The latter is less noticeable to the "pick-up", which is different from the "Patriot" nuances — a little stronger shakes passengers on uneven and slightly more stable hold on the line, due to the strengthened rear suspension and an extended frame (wheelbase pickup for more than 240 mm).

Patriot is a niche product. These machines are addressed to those who need its outstanding flotation and want more comfort than can present UAZ Hunter (deeply modernized UAZ-469), but for which the Jeep Wrangler (from 1,762,450 rubles.) And the Land Rover Defender (from 1,387,000 rubles .) are too expensive


But the common feature of the "Pickup" and "The Patriot" — a lazy gasoline engine, 128 "horses" which is enough just to briskly accelerate the car up to eighty, after which the acceleration instantly stuhaet. If you wait and forgive "UAZ" wasteful fuel consumption, the SUV slowly attains 120 km / h, but then fills the interior dissatisfied roar of the engine, aggressively demanding to include a non-existent sixth gear. For the transmission, by the way, no complaints: the steps box pereschelkivayutsya easily and accurately, allowing you to quickly change gears.

But enough of asphalt and groomed Proselkov! Sand and dirt — that's a great opportunity to test the strength of the Ulyanovsk-terrain vehicle. However, the test was quite a surprise — two colleagues decided to take a picture of Patriot in a spectacular jump, for what
to find on the banks of the Volga mototramplin, which usually entertain local kvadrotsiklisty. Run, jump … And the machine instead of a soft landing on four wheels stuck in a sand front bumper firmament! All are alive!

The same "unexpected crash-test": the experimenters upload a couple of hundred pounds of luggage in the trunk and the car would have landed softly on four wheels … Most interesting is that this Patriot continued to ride the next day, sled habits quite different from "unbeaten" brethren. Headlights and radiator cooling system remained intact


Alive! Both the driver and the car. If there had been in place, "Patriot" any SUV with a monocoque body, photoshoot could have ended much more tragic — a car with a crumpled front fascia and torn suspension would be dragged off to the tow truck and the driver was sent to the "emergency" after a blow to the head to reveal airbag. "UAZ" is torn off with the bumper and bent the hood and the air did not unfold as the … such, there is simply no — this option will appear in the "patriot" and "pick-up" earlier than mid, 2013th, year. Stunning vitality.

And if jumping trampolines not the strength of the Ulyanovsk technology, then this part of the cross-RAMS machines rigidly connected to the front fascia and the reduction gear has no equal! Diluted rain coat, excision of deep ruts? Loose sand, in which a man falls to his knees? Here, the "UAZ" fully revealed: the second low "Patriot" creeps while not sit on the bridges. And if you sit down, will go on after the buildup of "back and forth". Even on a regular tires.

After the upgrade Patriot rose by 18,000 and is available at 543,000 rubles. However, in the basic equipment now includes radio, electrically adjustable mirrors and electric front windows! For Pickup truck will have to pay a minimum of 548,000. Supplement for diesel (and such machines are already on sale) and a pickup truck, and SUV is 90,000 rubles.


It turns out that the Patriot — the last frame of the Mohicans, a confederation of tribes in which the hunters left a little off-road: Jeep Wrangler yes Land Rover Defender. That's just not so different from the fellow models and Patriot Pickup lacks a diesel engine: after the divorce, "Sollers" (the company owns the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant), and the concern FIAT Russian ATVs were left without a motor on heavy fuel. But the replacement is found! A few weeks promise to arrange a test uazovtsy "Patriot", which will be under the hood of diesel rumble. What is it? Wait for our test!

Alexei Kovanov
Photo by the author and the company Sollers

PS Would like to see the Patriot after an impressive leap? Please! But keep in mind that a huge slot above the grille — the consequences of another incident: at the speed of a hundred on the hood of the car flew open! And all because, after meeting Chuck "The Patriot" with a sandy expanse castle fell into disrepair and has ceased to hold the heavy lid of the engine compartment.



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