Updating the bus depot in Izhevsk

In the Leninsky district of Izhevsk will have new coaches. Total purchased 25 buses MAZ-103 — they will replace the outdated LiAZ 677.

Feature of the new bus is convenient for passengers landing — they are low floor. The safety and comfort of passengers provide reliable engine Mercedes-Benz, and the automatic gearbox Voith facilitate labor drivers.

The article on the city website has pleased its name 25 new buses came to Izhevsk to replace the "animal transport."


  By the way, repair service IPOPAT fully ready to service these buses: the same model — MAZ articulated ("accordion") — Izhevsk armed transport for more than two years.

Two new bus routes have already entered. The rest after the procedure of registration and technical inspection will begin work in early August.

Izhevchane appreciate the convenience of the new buses on route number 8, 11, 21, 27, 36.

The forms can be byo the news in style "was-was."

LiAZ-677, Izhevsk one of the few obltsentrov where these buses survived until 2012.


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