Updating the bus fleet in Kazan

Today, the square in front of the racecourse was a large-scale presentation of the new city buses. In Kazan 60 "NEFAZ" and "Mazov" arrived a couple of weeks ago. They have even distributed along the routes.


The first "Nefazovskie" buses in Kazan bought five years ago. Since the manufacturer has made changes to their 200. On orders transporters. The engine became more powerful and more reliable roof hatches open button located in the cab. All buses are equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system. They also initially installed navigation system. Thus, buses purchased finished look. Passengers must be in them comfortable and warm.

Just before the start of the Universiade will replace 700 of 1,140 city buses — 380 this year and 320 in the following.

During the demonstration buses mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin lot of interest in the characteristics of the new model, the wishes of the drivers, said that in any city of Russia such a large scale rolling stock does not change, and promised to continue the reform of transport. Reporters asked a reasonable question: production of the Chinese auto industry did not pay off?

— I do not understand that all fixated on these Chinese buses. They served their time. Bad or good each to decide for himself. But I do not think any of Kazan wants to return to "gazelki" and "Lasik" — said the mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin.

It should be noted that now all the Chinese "dragons" bought five years ago sent to neighboring regions. Kazan carriers have sold their colleagues from Perm, Chelyabinsk and Ulyanovsk.

— Not then, not now, we do not dictate to carriers which technique purchasing. More affordable Chinese buses purchased by the initiative of the carriers. This time, analyzing the value for money, they decided to opt for a "NEFAZ," — said the chairman of the Transport Committee of Kazan Idar Abdulhakov.


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