Upgraded Il-38N

Not so long ago the Russian Navy was the first modernized sea plane-Scout Il-38N. Since both Sludge-38N entered the armament eleven years ago, it was made a few updates. It was a major upgrading of the aircraft in service since 1960. Recent upgrades to the aircraft allows it to detect ships at a distance of 320 km. It also posted a new heat (thermal) sensor more massive computers and increased the ability of all sensors.

Available Il-38N able to detect aircraft and submarines at a distance of 150 km. Aircraft equipment includes synthetic aperture radar / reverse synthetic aperture radar (NIGHT MODE is used and in the fog), on-board infrared equipment front view with the highest resolution, the system of transmission of television images in low-light conditions and criteria for real-time, electronic warfare equipment, and a magnetometer. Plane can carry anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, bombs, depth charges and sonar and magnetic floats.

Four-engined turboprop plane Sludge-38N weighs 63 tons, has a crew of 10 people, a flight time of about 10 hours. It can carry up to 9 tons of weapons. Shestidesyatitrehtonny South American P-3 has very similar properties. Our homeland has built 176 Sludge-38, while in the United States has been built more 600 P-3.

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