Upgraded T-64E, brand new life of an old tank

T-64 — one of the main tanks of the Union of Russian, the story begins with the creation of the 60-ies in KB Kharkov, is released from the mid-60's, along with other major tanks — the T-64, T-62 and T-55 . Entered service with the Armed Forces tank units of the USSR in 1969 as the T-64A.

History of the T-64A

The basic idea of a tank appeared in the far 1946, with the start of work on the creation of a constructive new diesel engine, which was soon made in the development design office number 75. Prior to the implementation of its own steel tank wore the title of "Object 430".

"Shestdesyatchetverka" came out of the gates of the Kharkov plant. Malyshev since 1963 '24 in a row, all were released about 5440 tanks in the series.
After a catastrophic event for the Russian Union of factory armored vehicles, which produced the T-64A was owned independent state Ukraine. "Foreign" tank immediately graduated to interest the military department of, and tanks "worked" training machines, where they just wore out, not so long ago, in 2011, it was decided to send the machine in general to the facility.
In Ukraine, as a result of owning a base for the manufacture and repair of T-64A, came to solving the problem on the other hand, specifically, it was decided to carry out a complete redesign of the armored vehicles of the project. This will allow not only to modernize its own military fleet, and sell T-64E in poor countries in small quantities.

Modernization of T-64E

The basic idea of modernization — complete replacement of the engine, it will be replaced by modern, economical diesel engine capacity of 900 hp 5TDFE
Ukraine for a long time did not show a modernized tank, a disk imaging on work actually no, but it is not so long ago, the tank began to show in public, he took part in the parade, "lit up" on display in the UAE.

The main differences from the latest versions of the same series of T-64B possible to see with the naked eye. Tank he looked like a modern fighting machine khaki. Additional protection is moderately distributed throughout the body of the tank, the frontal part looks massive and firmly.

The sides of the tank and firmly protected by protective blocks of type "knife-2" as a square and rectangular execution.
The design of protection has already composed the protection of the "knife-2" and "Call 1" on both sides of the tank and implemented in the grid performance — rather cheap and very kind vserasprostranenny armor. The main advantage of this method — small weight properties of body armor.
On the side is also well seen as significantly altered structural component of the tower. Completely possible that the tower realized the possibility of storing ammunition turret weapons.
Let us consider the configurations were touched weapons and accessories.
Let us pay attention to the appearance of sight panoramic view of a thermal, which significantly improved the use of tanks in combat operations. A very convenient location for the states of high-quality approach to the modernization of the tank.
Armament remote-controlled tank, consisting of 125 mm caliber gun and 2-modules — twin automatic gun GS-23, 12.7 mm machine gun NSVT with automatic grenade launcher acts K-17.

Installing modules and a range of rotation of arms T-64E will take part in the fighting in the criteria of the town. The set armament will allow the tank to cope with both low-flying targets and armored personnel carriers to the enemy.
In general we can say that T-64E has all the makings of konkurentnst make another modification of the T-64-BM under the name "Bulat". But we must note that the "Bulat" already successfully delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and main MSC provider Kharkov — enough recognizable manufacturer of armored vehicles, and this may mean that Ukraine can not behold in their own armed forces this development. But the hunt to mention Prof. approach developers to create a modernized T-64E.
As a result hunt to note that for the successful promotion of the modernization of the arms market is not complex enough oppression electrical signals KOEP to fight the enemy helicopters.

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