Upgraded Tu-22M3 — killer missile

On 20 December last year a distant aircraft commander, Major-General A. Zhiharev at a press conference spoke about the plans of the Air Force fleet relatively languid aircraft. Specifically, it was argued that far-missile bombers Tu-22M3 will complete renovation and modernization.

On the old days there were crumbs first disk imaging on specific actions to improve the real part. Upgrade undergo all the electronics Tu-22M3. It is performed in two steps. At first, only a number of the equipment will vary by new, modern and compatible with the existing one. During the second step, the remaining system will remove an old and in its place establish new ones. First, will be replaced by the sighting and navigation equipment. Most likely, this part of the avionics will be compatible with modern satellite navigation systems, including GLONASS. Power plant Tu-22M3 as before will have their own part two turbojet engine with afterburner NC-25 (maximum thrust 2h25000 kgs). But it will be compatible with extended range aircraft weapons.

Certain names of new systems that will be installed on the missile, for obvious reasons, are not named. Yet, the "News" referring to some members of the defense companies engaged in the modernization of the approximate write up work. The differences between the Tu-22M3 refreshed and will be starting almost the same as that of the Tu-22M3 and its predecessor — the Tu-22. Also, "News" and the probable cause title of the upgraded aircraft Tu-22M3M. Comparison of the Tu-22 and "22M", of course, looks very, very imaginative, but it's not quite right yet. The fact that the Tu-22M differed from its predecessor, and avionics and engines, and even construction. First differences, which immediately pay attention, are the variable-sweep wing and engines placed inside the fuselage, rather than outside it at the bottom of the keel. Already at this point it can be argued that the design of the Tu-22M3 upgrade at no pereterpit harsh configurations. Thus the source of "Izvestia", as they say, for the sake of reddish witty little neglected facts. What's all the same to designate new machines, the official disk imaging in this regard has not happened. So Makar, refreshed machines can ultimately get another letter "M" in the title, or may change the figure: for example, be a Tu-22M4 (real project of the mid-80s, which included the installation of NK-32 engines and new avionics; built a mock-up, and in 1991, the project closed).

As a basic tool for refreshing the Tu-22M3 called promising rocket X-32. It is forthcoming development of available cruise missile Kh-22. According to X-32 too little disk imaging, which can explain the secret work, but it kind of rough already clear. Weight and dimensions of the Kh-32 will not be very different from its predecessor (hence one can come to the conclusion that these combat units), but will have new engine and electronics. Because of this range will increase to an estimated 800-1000 km, and the cruising speed of the rocket exceed the value in the 3200-3500 km / h The new seeker is expected to work on the same principles (active and passive radar), but will be less susceptible to effects of electronic warfare opponent. If finished X-32 will have the same weight and size, as well as X-22, the plane will be able to carry such missiles 2-3 (three missiles — very likely the load imposed certain restrictions on the characteristics of the flight, refueling, etc.). Of course, but new missiles refreshed Tu-22M3 will be able to carry and use a range of weapons that was used before the upgrade, such as guided missiles X-15, various types of sea mines and bombs caliber up to 9,000 kg in different configurations (for example, 69 FAB 250 or 8 FAB-1500).

Timing and volume of aircraft modernization is not entirely clear. "Izvestia" indicate a figure of 30 aircraft by 2020. Taking into account the total number of existing Tu-22M3 — half weave beads — such volume looks missing. Although we can not exclude the possibility that the source of the newspaper, and he did not have all the necessary disk imaging. At the same time, 30 aircraft can be a "pilot" the party held the first step of modernization, which in December Zhiharev read. In this case, before the accident in 2020 aviation industry will have time to fully update if not all the Tu-22M3, then, at least, a great part of them.

Avionics and refreshed aircraft as claimed in December, and as they say at the moment, will greatly facilitate the work of the pilots. It is clear that the bomber will get the so-called "Glass cockpit" and the sighting and navigation system will operate on the principle of 'launched — forgotten. " LCD monitors in the cockpits of pilots and navigators look completely modern and sensible, but "forgetting" about the missile launch while looks confusing. The fact that after uncoupling from a semi-active missile radar seeker plane should have some time to continue flying in the direction of the target, that "highlight" of his own radar target: rocket, in turn, induced by the reflected signal from the target. So makarom if the Tu-22M3 after the upgrade and really get a suitable and pleasant opportunity "to run — forget it" worth the wait really radical renewal of used rockets. But, regardless of the nomenclature updates arms retraining front pilots on the modernized aircraft should not be long and expensive, because the main mechanisms of the aircraft with the equipment will remain unchanged. But, you see, navigators and operators are likely to have to learn a lot of new systems and devices, because the main avionics upgrade will affect their specific jobs.

Unfortunately, while disk imaging on the plans and progress of the modernization of the "Tupolev" not very much, well, not all of it may prove right. In addition, the program updates may change planes already in the process of modernization. Yet, as you can see, the Russian air force has recently receive aircraft, past repairs and get the new equipment. Even the fact of this, especially against the background of previous years, can not fail to amuse.

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