Upgrading of fire equipment in the Amur region

Amur firefighters and rescue workers have received new equipment and machinery
For forest fires in 2013 will improve the structure of the air base
Amur fire services delivered the first batch of modern tractors, fire, special techniques and equipment that will be used as early as the autumn fire period.

 To create additional groups for fighting forest fires and planned changes in the fire service area, and in 2013 will be improved and the structure of the air base.

Fire and rescue units Amur won eight tractors "Agromach TG 90", two fire engines, four cars UAZ various modifications and 183 blower. By the end of the year be made available to firefighters and rescue vehicle 52, 29 tractors, 21 all-terrain vehicle, other property and equipment. Allocated for this purpose about 200 million rubles.

Thus, almost completely upgraded motor and tractor fleet, equipment and outfitting firefighters and rescue teams directly involved in fighting forest fires.
"In the past years we have been working hard to improve our force for fighting forest fires in the home and, the elimination of all kinds of emergencies, pay special attention to the strengthening of its material and technical equipment. As a result, this year managed to retain control of forest fires rather complex situation and improve efficiency fire, "- said the head of the Amur Region Oleg Kozhemyako.
He outlined plans for the development of forestry area. Planned consolidation of forestry to the boundaries of administrative areas, instead of 18, there will be 13. This will allow for reducing the administrative apparatus, the redistribution of funding while maintaining the number of engineers and inspectors, to increase wages by 56% — from 13,000 to 25,000 rubles.
It is also planned to convert the forest enterprises in 11 autonomous institutions. After the reorganization of their staff numbers will increase from 486 to 661, while wages increased by 41%.
In 2013, the structure will be improved and the air base. It is planned to increase the parachute group from 48 to 57 paratroopers, which are already purchased parachutes and planned staff training.
To create additional groups for fighting forest fires and planned changes in the fire service area. To do this, planned by the consolidation of a nine fire brigades. A reduction of administrative personnel are released additional staff that will be used in-fighting.
"The end result of the reform of forest fire service area will be a complete rejection of the use of workers hired temporarily for fire season and the transition to the operational structure of the 145 groups of six people. They will present a fire almost completely independent units capable of off-line to perform tasks in forest fire and security settlements "- summed up the head region. 

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