Upgrading of military equipment to JUVO for 2012

Head of the press service of the Southern Military District, Colonel Igor Gorbul spoke about the upcoming upgrade of military equipment

More than 40 units of modernized T-72BM and 120 units of armored personnel carriers BTR-82 will go to the troops of the Southern Military District until the end of 2012, said Igor Gorbul.

"Car park district forces renewed 550 units of" KAMAZ "" Mustang "family, military intelligence units in the county received about 10 units of armored cars" Tiger-M "and more than 50 units -" Lynx "- he added.

According to him, before the end of this year, tank and mechanized infantry units combined arms districts receive more than 40 units of modernized T-72BM and more than 120 units of wheeled armored personnel carriers BTR-82.

The representative of the Military District said that by the end of the year the share of modern and upgraded models of weapons and armored vehicles in the Southern Military District troops will be up to 80%.

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