Upgrading public transport in Smolensk

Administration of Smolensk has acquired two new tram model 62103 with low-floor middle part of the total cost of 29.4 million rubles. The tender procedures were carried out twice. Select a vendor for the first time did not work due to lack of applicants. The second time his bid for a public auction provided a unique small company with registered capital of 10,000 rubles, established in February 2010, which was signed and municipal contract — at the initial (maximum) price.

The same company also was the only member of the City announced a public auction, put in Smolensk and 20 buses LiAZ 5256.36 worth 86.2 million rubles.


Renewal of the tram and bus passes in preparation for the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of Smolensk. For these purposes in the years 2010-13 by the regional government allocated a total of 473 million rubles, including in 2012 — 116 million, in 2013 — 120 million. Over the previous two years the city has received 19 new trams.

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