Scientific and Production Company «Uralvagonzavod» show at defense exhibition in Nizhny Tagil in September 2013 the latest modification of the combat vehicle fire support tanks (BMPT) «Terminator.» On it informs «Interfax» referring to the company’s CEO Oleg Sienko.
According Sienko, speaking to reporters at an arms saloon IDEX-2013 in Abu Dhabi, the new concept of «Terminator» is already there. Brand new car, namely, calculated by the least number of crew members (standard «Terminator» is designed for 5 persons). As noted Sienko, latest BMPT may be called «Terminator 1» or «Terminator 2.»
As noted in the press release «Uralvagonzavod» Russian company brought to the exhibition in Abu Dhabi as the most «Terminator» in today’s update, and the new main battle tank T-90, which served as the base of the tank support combat vehicle.
Tank support combat vehicle «Terminator» is intended both to defeat enemy armored vehicles (including light tanks) and manpower. It weighs about 48 tons, stroke in store — 550 km and maximum speed on the highway — more than 60 km per hour. Armed with machine twin 30-mm gun 2A42, MTSO machine gun 7.62 mm, 2 grenade launchers AGS-17, also managed launcher for anti-tank missiles «Attack-T.»
The first time BMPT «Terminator» showed in September 2011 at an exhibition in Nizhniy Tagil, where based «Uralvagonzavod».
As reported by «Interfax», the exhibition in Abu Dhabi also made Commander of the Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin, who told about the plans of the Defense Ministry for the purchase of armored vehicles. According to him, in 2014 and 2015 Our homeland is going to buy T-90S tanks and other armored vehicles. With all of this previously planned to wait for the newest tanks of a single platform «Armata» to buy them already.
As said Chirkin, languid Tank platform «Armata», which develops «Uralvagonzavod», go to a series in the 2016-2017 year. Once the assembly is scheduled to begin serial 2-other common armored platforms — Track «Kurganets-25» wheel and «Boomerang». In addition, the Defense Ministry plans to buy new light armored vehicles GAZ-2330 «Tiger», the SPM-3 «Bear» and MIC-3927 «Wolf».
«Ministry of Defence has already purchased a few 10’s» Tigers «. These machines will be equipped with first light brigade and the brigade of special purpose, in other words, compounds that do not require a languid arms, «- said Chirkin.


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