Useless junk, or Oily point in submarine warfare

Useless junk, or Oily point in submarine warfare

Making of «Flurry» in those years when Russian submarines of NATO called «stinking cows.» After all, they were fast, well-armed, but very boomy. NATO also has built even then their prescription submarine «stealth» technology (For submarines is less noise) and the concept of «first strike.» Because Russian designers needed an asymmetric response. But to make and build a completely new series of submarines in a short time it was impossible, and to write off old all at once would be a criminal waste of resources. It was then, and began developing the «Squall» on the proposed scheme promising implementation. November 29, 1977 set the VA-111 «Flurry» reactive torpedo M-5 was adopted by the Navy of the USSR)

How does it work?
Starting the engine starts. In the photo he is seen. This eight nozzles arranged in a circle. 4 nominated by the steering wheel. Start the engine — solid. On this engine makes rocket poslestartovy turn out to a depth of flight and makes overclocking. Immediately gidroreagiruyuschee ignited fuel which is without water starts to smolder. After burning the fuel in the engine starting it is reset and started a solid rocket booster propulsion motor. Rocket begins to accelerate, rudders course reduce sector disclosure. In depth rocket operated machine starts turning kavernoobrazuyuschego disk. Rocket picks up speed, solid boosters burn out, and through the hole in the disk kavernoobrazuyuschem seawater (through nozzles) is served on a smoldering gidroreagiruyuschee fuel. Active fuel ignited, it burns only in water. Fuel pasty and applied using the plunger. In the nose, rockets are fired gasifier drafts blowing. Gas from combustion is filed under cup (they are visible on the photo in the rocket nose). This gas is needed for the creation of a continuous flow missiles because the cavity formed by the drive for continuous flow is not enough. Along the way, shot a 5-speed protection of the nuclear charge. Charge has two power levels, which can be switched depending on the distance. At a distance of 2-5 km is a small power of the explosion, and 5-10 km high power (about why such

The approximate scheme of battle Russian submarines (NPS USSR) and American submarines (NPS U.S.)

Americans, with the advantage of stealth and as sonar (Ember), had a very higher possibility of the first (passive mode to fade) detect submarines USSR and produce the first shot. Wire-guided torpedo had hit with precision our submarine before she could complete response torpedo guidance. But firing a torpedo, submarine U.S. unmasks himself, Soviet submarine brings its quenched from passive to active mode, so with precision to find the position of the U.S. nuclear submarine, starting immediately turn the nose of the submarine (which placed the torpedo tubes) in the direction of the shot flogged U.S. submarine torpedo . After all the data on the target is shooting «Squall» as amended by the location of the (coordinates) goal — in other words, the U.S. nuclear submarine. Then Soviet submarines can perform all actions on evasion and anti-torpedo attack without any restrictions. Now HUNTER submarines USA) transformed itself in game, which is also very limited freedom of action, because it has a narrow wire hanging her torpedo, with which she threatens to lose touch with saturated maneuvering and going beyond the speed limit when you hover. Having the advantage of speed, «Squall» is rapidly approaching for the purpose, is able to perform light maneuvers to evade interception laid down in the program of his actions. Upon reaching this point is carried out undermine nuclear PD at underwater explosion which provides virtually 100 percent defeat modern submarines within 1 km. Even if the U.S. submarine after firing simultaneously «Flurry» casts guidance torpedoes and start dialing the highest speed to get out of the affected areas, there is no guarantee that she would have time to leave or remain intact while nevdali from the affected area.

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