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Deciphering the message from space, Ulyanovsk mathematician was horrified

Anatoly Belevtsev

Associate Professor of Ulyanovsk Technical University Eugene less than convinced that solved one of the great mysteries of the earth. The scientist says — the famous Egyptian pyramids on the Giza plateau in the built aliens from Venus, encoded in buildings terrible notice of a global catastrophe that threatens our planet.

 Menchov is not unsubstantiated assertions — "catastrophic" calculations were recognized scholar of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Pyramid of Giza: keep a terrible message of impending disaster

A rigorous mathematical analysis — explains Menchov — helped me to reveal that in the Giza pyramid complex — is Man-Made encrypted map of the solar system! Venus symbolizes the Great Pyramid of Giza, Chephren — Earth and Menkaure — Mars. Hidden Center — Sun. Also, I found three great monument with stunning precision fixed location of Venus, Earth and Mars on our lights in the Sept. 22 10532 BC.

A clear idea of the founders of the pyramids is obvious. But who built them? Who would like to fix the positions of celestial bodies and display it in a giant architecture? After all, the official science claims: 12,000 years ago on the planet reigned stone age! These questions are at the Ulyanovsk mathematics is the answer.

 "Veneriki" on Earth

 According to the hypothesis Menchov, 22 September 10532 BC — the exact date of arrival of aliens on Earth from Venus. As proof Eugene pushes clearly reasoned version of the cosmic catastrophe that changed the speed of rotation of Venus, the Earth's orbit and destroyed the advanced civilization of the world.

Most likely, Venus ruined collision with a huge comet — said Menchov. — Escaped Venusians are very similar to humans, and began to earthlings gods. Guests founded Atlantis, divided the rest of the country and, speaking teachers of humanity, a new civilization began to revive. It was they who built the pyramids. Not accidentally preserved inscriptions on the walls of their internal state that the gods are the Pharaohs "descendants of the Morning Star", that is Venus.

CHART OF Men'shov: Pyramid of Cheops (1), Chephren (2) and Menkaure (3) are located in relation to the hidden center (C), as well as Venus, Earth and Mars from the Sun




 In favor of the hypothesis are menshovskoy and some foreign Egyptologists claim that the pyramids were built twice. Fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaohs, the author considers the grandiose buildings, a restored what had been created over eight thousand years before them.

 Cosmic Horror

 According to the calculations Menchov, in the heart of the architectural complex at Giza is a secret underground necropolis of the god Osiris, and the first Egyptian gods of the Pharaohs — the aliens from Venus. In the same lies, according to the ancient books, the legendary "warehouse of knowledge." The oldest warning of cosmic and planetary catastrophes.

EUGENE smaller: there is a solution!


Without going into the complex mathematical calculations, I will say: the cycle of disasters is 6270 years with a possible error of plus or minus 16 years. This interval is surprisingly coincides with the period of life of the ancient Egyptian god Horus, whose symbol is the sun, — he says. — The first known accident occurred in the solar system in the year 10532 BC — the tragedy of Venus. Cataclysm was repeated in the middle of the 42 th century BC — this time corresponds to the era of the biblical creation. It is easy to calculate that the big problems of our planet will begin in the period from 2008 to 2040.

What was the reason — still hard to say. It is possible the Earth suffer the fate of Venus, and our planet will face a comet, causing darkening of the atmosphere, climate change, shifting orbit, floods — end of the world, in fact. But to avoid the chaos, according to Menchov, you can.

 Going out to eat? 

Earthlings have to find a "reservoir of knowledge." Menchov scientist believes that it is located at the hidden center, symbolizing the sun, which is located 150 meters east of the Sphinx. He even calculated the depth of the underground tomb — 24 meters. If you try and look, perhaps, our civilization will be saved.


 Eugene less than, Ph.D., associate professor of "Theory of Electrical Engineering and general electrical engineering".

* Interests — mathematical modeling in the electromagnetic components and devices.

* Published 115 scientific papers, including the monograph "The tragedy of Venus, captured in the Egyptian pyramids. Year 10532 BC. "

* The largest library in the world, including the U.S. Congress and the London Library, asked for the job.

 East * fact

 The ancient Greek philosopher Plato in his famous dialogues directly says, "The gods have divided among themselves by lot to all the countries of the earth. So, getting on the Law of the dice coveted share, each of the gods settled in their country. Having settled, they began to nurture us, their property and pets, as shepherds graze their flocks … "

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