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Parallel worlds — there or is it all fiction fiction? Scientists around the world are trying to answer this question. Almost a hundred years ago, the term 'teleportation place "means the place in which were seen moving objects in space. However, to create such a place alone has not yet been any scientist.

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One of teleportation places located in the Moscow region. Silicate near the platform there is a cave. According to legend, during the Great Patriotic War is a place visited by a war veteran. His home at that time was wiped out by the bombardment, but was informed that his family could hide it in the cave.

Among others the soldiers saw a woman, and there was a bomb blast stove cave hanging over a woman. He ran under the stove, saved his wife, but he was crushed. However, a few minutes later, after people raised slab beneath no one. Neither the man nor his remains. Mom soldier also lost in the cave, trying to find his son.

Some scientists believe that the door to a parallel world opens only during a grand burst of energy. For example, during a thunderstorm and lightning. The same thing happened near the city of St. Petersburg. Company of three young went fishing and on the way to the pond they were overtaken by a thunderstorm. As later explained the incident the driver, his bright blinding flash of lightning, he lost control of the car, she landed in a ditch and hit a tree.

Ochuhavshis, friends saw the house. Only later did they remember that before in this place it never was. Let them into the house of an elderly woman, silently fed and put him on the floor. In the morning the whole company woke up lying on the ground under the open sky, the house just vanished along with the hostess.

Similar stories in Russia are vast. And when you consider that unexplained facts happen on the planet, to doubt the existence of parallel worlds — a great folly.

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