Vitaly Rymashevski in Baranovichy

Potential presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski ends his visit to Brest, where he spent meeting with friends BCD.

August 23 will be a meeting with the candidate in Baranavichy.

Meetings in Kobrin and Brest were held in private homes, where the invited party activists.

Coordinator of the BCD for Brest Dmitry Shurhay says that there have been attempts to rent for meetings meeting rooms in hotels.

Thus, even at the beginning of Brest was agreed on at the hotel "Belarus".

"The administration at first even reconciled to provide room. We are talking about already paying the rent. But when they learned that the meeting with a potential presidential candidate, I immediately rang the refusal. And so on all institutions, without exception, in Brest, "- said Dmitry Shuhray.

At the meetings, which are invited to the party activists, priests, businessmen potential candidate presents his election platform.


BCD Rymashevski

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