Volume w / d transportation Lemtrans for the year 2011 increased by 30.7%

The volume of cargo, LLC "Lemtrans", the largest Ukrainian private freight forwarding company in 2011 increased by 30.74% to a total of 40.4 million tons. The average loading — more than 120 thousand tons, which is 42.6% more than in 2010.

 Photo source:com.ua

Traditionally, the main type of cargo being transported by the company is coal. Thus, the rate of loading of the cargo amounted to more than 18 million tons, an increase compared to 2010 was 42.6%. Significantly increased and the volume of transportation of iron ore (11.48 million tons, an increase in the dynamics of 2010 was 29.3%) and ferrous metals (3.37 million tons, an increase of — 43%).

"The growth has been made possible through the expansion of its rolling stock is operated by the company and optimize its use, thereby reducing empty runs. In total, in 2011 the company has acquired more than 1,380 wagons. At the end of the year the park was about 12,000 units, "- said General Director of" Lemtrans "Vladimir Mezentsev.


Ltd. "Lemtrans" — Ukraine's largest privately owned freight forwarding company providing a full range of services for the transportation of goods by rail. The main activities are: forwarding of domestic and export-import cargo, maintenance of rolling stock, information tracking the movement of goods, as well as the organization of the declaration of transit cargoes through Ukraine. Today the Company "Lemtrans" operates more than 12,000 pieces of rolling stock. The volume of cargo in 2011 amounted to more than 40 million tons.

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