Voronezh: the blood will make milk, yogurt, brew …




Scientists Voronezh Technological Academy have developed the ability to produce the blood of a number of food products — milk, yogurt, kvass, chocolate and coffee. This was reported in the leadership of the Voronezh State Technological Academy.

Scientists note that every meat-packing plant every day lost about 7 tons of blood. Technologists Voronezh Academy have developed a way to use it.

"Already released test blood products that taste no different from the same prepared by traditional technology. All produced from blood products contain unique blood proteins that are absorbed by the human body in half the time of proteins of chicken eggs", — the academy.

At present, the products produced by the new technology, designed to study in Moscow.

"In parallel, negotiations are underway with a number of meat processing plants on the organization of production on the basis of their products, protein-rich," — stressed the academy.

Battery News, 12.07.2004 11:01
Source: NEWSru.com

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