Was it possible to save Yugoslavia?

At the age of 13 days of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Was it possible to prevent the bombing? Could Our homeland save the Serbs? In an interview with "Pravda.Ru" told the participant of those events — the last Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, who has made a U-turn over the Atlantic. The outlook is also posted balkanisty historians and military experts.

24 March 1999 NATO began bombing Yugoslavia areas. Their outcome was the actual defeat of the country, leaving the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) from Kosovo and following the actual rejection of the province from Serbia. Now many in Russia they say that our country did not help fellow Serbs and gave them virtually at the mercy of the NATO war machine.

One of the most outstanding events of the day was the famous "U-turn over the Atlantic," the aircraft with Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov on board. He was heading for an official visit to the United States. But having received the information about the beginning of the bombing, turned the plane directly over the Atlantic Ocean and back.

Why would he do that? Was a chance to warn the bombing? This is very Yevgeny Primakov told in an interview to the chairman of the board of directors "PRAVDA.Ru 'Vadim Gorshenin:

"I do not think that it was some feat. Decision perceived myself. After that Yeltsin called me and I said to him that I made that decision. He approved it. If I had not done that, I would have done arhinepravilno.

Al Gore spoke to me directly: the decision to bomb. I said that you make a huge historical mistake. (My phone conversation was on board the plane, he was then vice-president.) He asked me to sign a memorandum of understanding that the visit is postponed. I refused. He offered to sit on the ground in some places the United States, I again refused.

If I were in these criteria sat down and began to own an official visit, I would be a traitor. Heroism there was not any. I'm sure it would have done, and Vyacheslav Trubnikov (past head of external intelligence services. — Ed.), And Igor Ivanov (then head of the Russian Foreign Ministry. — Ed.). A bomb alert at the time it was unreal. "

Was there a chance to warn the war or change its script? About this columnist "PRAVDA.Ru 'Vadim Trukhachev talked to historians balkanistami Sergei Romanenko and Vladimir Putiatin.

Sergei Romanenko, political expert at the Center research Institute of Economics:

"We Slobodan Milosevic had a chance to prevent a war. In this regard, recall the Rambouillet (meaning the talks in Rambouillet, near Paris between the delegations of Yugoslavia and the Kosovo Albanians in early 1999. — Ed.). There are various estimates of the agreement, but because or another, it was torn down by the Serbian side. seems that this was his last chance. Our home also gave to themselves in this report — although at the time and there were several centers of foreign policy.

Kosovo Albanians have to put in the center of Pristina monument to Milosevic as the founder of the Kosovo-Albanian country. If not for his policies, not the fierce oppression of the civilian population, it seems that neither the U.S. nor the EU nor NATO would not attach importance to this dilemma. On the other hand, he acted in his own logic — political and psychological.

And the disintegration of Yugoslavia, and more than recent event was for the international community suddenly. It was not up to par. In public opinion (and in Russia and in the West), there was no awareness of, what neuvvyazkami faced Yugoslavia at the time of its own decay.

Could NATO bombardment? Certainly could. And criticizing Milosevic, it must be emphasized that the West chose a dead end. USA NATO, EU reached an impasse from which firefighters had to find a way out of ways. War — It is always the death of innocent people. And they do not care who and what kills them. These bombings were a gesture of helplessness and lacking awareness. "

Vladimir Putyatin, an expert on Yugoslavia History Faculty:

"In December 1998, our homeland and Yugoslavia signed a protocol on military-technical cooperation. However, the main obstacle to the supply of military equipment to Yugoslavia was a UN Security Council resolution banning the supply there at least some guns. Voted for this resolution and our homeland. Militarily view, together with the supply of arms — priemuschestvenno, air defense — Our homeland would have to send and military professionals in the army of Yugoslavia such missiles are not operated by the. And in the case of direct combat engagement it would be able to provide decent resistance to NATO forces " .

His outlook on how could the Our homeland assist Yugoslavia, laid out in an interview with columnist "PRAVDA.Ru 'Sergei Balmasova military experts Hramchihin Alexander and Konstantin Sivkov.

Hramchihin Alexander, deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis:

"I do not believe that the Russian Federation had the opportunity to defend Yugoslavia. Appeared to the real threat — to start a nuclear war with the United States. Once we have killed himself, getting involved in 1914 because of the Serbs in the First World War. And for some reason never Serbs We did not help. Milosevic have had a chance to avoid war. the West, it was not considered a bloody dictator before the events in Kosovo. But he missed an opportunity to solve all the world.

And it all made vpribavok betrayal, getting involved in the war and surrendered after the country was bombed. When it came out, the order of the day or there was a ground operation. And then, NATO had to be much harder. If we started fighting the Yugoslav favorite, it was necessary to do so to the end. Either give up immediately, so as not to cause suffering to their own people. "

Sivkov Constantine, the first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems:

"Our homeland could assist Yugoslavia, if we had a sufficient number of S-300 with cooked personnel. Especially since the Yugoslav army suffered defeat in the conflict. The damage from NATO air was least 1 percent of the total number of Serbian troops. And sadly, but lost to Yugoslavia because of us. Moscow pushed Milosevic, that prinevolit him to surrender. In this case, at the time when there were withstand quite a bit. North Atlantic Treaty Organization under public pressure, had to complete the operation. "

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