Water in Thailand is less, and the victims — more

Death toll from the catastrophic floods in Thailand reached 610 people. Two others are missing after the meringue lead.

As ITAR-TASS news agency in the Department for the Prevention of natural disasters, floods continue to present in 17 of the 76 provinces of the country, including in parts of the capital of the kingdom — Bangkok. Directly affected by the floods are currently 4.9 million people. On July 5, when the north of Thailand hit tropical storm Nock-Ten, natural disasters have affected 63 provinces. Since July, the impact of elements in the kingdom suffered more than 11 million people. About 1 million people sought medical help.

Almost 250 thousand people were left homeless. Flooded 15,000 enterprises, large agricultural fields. Amount of damage, according to various estimates, up to 10 to 16 billion dollars. Currently, the water began to recede in some areas of Bangkok. Residents spend voluntary Saturday work, cleaning the streets of the garbage, debris and dirt brought great water.

Thai media published pictures of the warehouse parking lot at the factory automobile concern "Honda" in Ayutthaya province, north of Bangkok, where dozens of brand new cars are covered with mud to dry on the roof.

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