We all can arbitrarily fired from their jobs and imprison …

Our listener of Maladzechna asks, "Who will pay for the overseas oil supplies to Belarus?" and expresses his indignation.

"If the economists Venezuelan oil costs about $ 600 per ton, given the long and complicated delivery, intermediaries and stuck as its own, and the Estonian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Russian oil would cost the $ 400. Lukashenka diversification — a diversion against their people, and not paying the clan Lukashenko, and all of us through the rise in prices for everything — from bread to gasoline. And in his calculation, he would never admit it. This stubbornness. "

Economist Boris Zheliba comments on this statement:

Boris Zheliba

"First of all, the price of Venezuelan oil over $ 600 per ton. It is significantly more expensive than Russian oil. This is already well known.

Here the objective political and more importantly, what economic goal. From an economic point of view, we need to diversify supplies of oil and get rid of dependence in this issue from Russia. But the logistics are not profitable. Undertake preliminary estimates. This oil is a high-quality Russian. I think that time will tell how it will affect.

Will be reduced profitability or even losses in oil refiners. This Novopolotsk and Mozyr. It will pay off budget, and therefore, the economy and the people. "

Students 'Freedom' daily to discuss the preparations for the presidential election campaign. A lot of calls about the election of a single candidate from the democratic forces. One of the participants did not believe that opposition politicians to agree on a single candidate:

"It seems that the opposition does not want the appearance of a normal sighted person and a single presidential candidate by the nationalists, the Nazis and through other unfair because they like the wild and very dangerous country, where more than 99 percent of citizens are deprived of rights and freedoms. That is, any citizen can be fired from their jobs, not to allow the work force to deprive of liberty and drafted into the army, and so on. "

The leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedkoand commented:

Anatoly Lebedko

"I am well in advance before the campaign, saying that no matter what do not claim, nor on a single post or the portfolio around a single, but did his best to appear this one, with a new face, a new biography, with new opportunities. offered all that we can, from the primaries to all other procedures.

I understand that there is anger, there is a wait, but Set your gray matter to work and analyze who is who.

I would suggest that people are not sitting on zavalintsy and waited. Today we have a great need for the arms, legs, heads. Let's start all the work, from the fact that we disseminate information. Do not like the party of the United Civil Party, come to another. Say, "is coming election campaign. Then I can, then that. Use me and my potential." Here you go. To make this movement started, then the situation would be different. "

In the former Bernardine monastery in the center of Minsk city authorities have decided to make the hotel. Believers pray every day for the return of the building Catholics. Riot police repeatedly detained representatives of the youth democratic movement near the monastery for the fact that young people lit candles there in solidarity with the faithful, and demanded the return of historical value. Our constant Listener Tatiana Barrel of Asipovichy expressed its attitude:

"I am Orthodox. Know that power is given to the church of the Dominicans in Minsk under reconstruction in the hotel. Blotting another proof of our capital supplies to Europe, to the European culture. Devil destroys one of the buildings where the men would praise the name of God. A Judgement in front, and all will be there to answer for what they did. "

You hear calls for "Freedom." Let me remind you that the phone is "Freedom" in Minsk — 266-39-52, running 24 hours a day. Call and write! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for feedback on the work of Radio "Liberty."


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