We Lukashenko in Armenia — 800 liters of cognac alcohol

During a recent trip to Armenia Alexander Lukashenko not only visited the summit of the Collective Security Treaty and visit an old friend, former President Robert Kocharyan, but joins the strategic reserves of aged brandy spirit — to the old, more than 350 liters of the personal to the Yerevan Brandy Factory added another 400 liters Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory. All of this has been received as a gift.

During his stay in Yerevan Alexander Lukashenko bestowed on Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory "Noah." In honor of the distinguished guest was laid a 400-liter drum, which Lukashenko asked to make his youngest son Nicholas. The other day the baby is 6 years old and since it is applied to alcohol it is still early, the parties agreed to uncork a barrel on the day of the wedding of Nicholas Alexandrovich. Mikolka scored a cork in the barrel, and then put the seal — they say, without the permission of content not to touch.

There is a personal, nominal barrel Alexander Lukashenko. It is stored in the alley of Charles Aznavour. Its volume of more than 350 liters

This is not the first strategic reserve of Lukashenka's family in Armenia. In the early 2000s, a similar barrel was laid on another Yerevan enterprise. Zaruhi Sarybekyan, representative of the Yerevan Brandy Company, which produces cognac brand "Ararat", said that the name on the name alley Charles Aznavour nastoyvayutstsa, becoming more expensive and waiting time of more than 350 liters of high-quality cognac alcohol:

"In the shop holding the Yerevan Brandy Company is personal, nominal barrel Alexander Lukashenko. It is stored in the alley Charles Aznavour, who is in the shop shutter speed. Its volume of more than 350 liters, it is filled with cognac alcohol, and was given to Mr. Lukashenko May 26, 2001 during the his visit to the plant. But this time, President Lukashenko visited not our factory, and the factory, owned by Gagik Tsarukyan. And there, too, laid the barrel as far as I know, the name of his son Lukashenko. "

Reporter: "As far as I understand, the alcohol elite, not a simple 3-star?"

"As to when the alcohol was — I do not remember. But it is clear that he is consistent enough …".

Lukashenko offered to host enterprise Gagik Tsarukyan build a brandy factory in Belarus and to make the famous drink in the center of Europe. Businessman eagerly accepted the offer.

Tsarukyan — Personality in Armenia is known: the founder of the group "Multi Group", a member of the Committee on Defense and National Security of the National Assembly of Armenia, Chairman of the "Prosperous Armenia." But most importantly, he, like Lukashenko, heads the National Olympic Committee of the country.

By the way, on both cognac companies made it clear that if you want Alexander Lukashenko may at any time withdraw their strategic liters. However, the mechanisms of transport and payment of taxes have not undertaken to explain: that's their business — only to produce and maintain, and the delivery was not competent.

At the same time, deliver the amount of alcohol in Belarus at cost producers are not so simple. At least for mere mortals. Excise taxes on alcoholic products is constantly growing, traditionally in "order to protect domestic producers." Since the beginning of the year the excise tax on brandy, brandy, calvados, cognac drinks increased to 15,000 870 rubles. In other words, on the border of each liter of automatically going up by more than $ 5. Lukashenko's two barrels of cognac alcohol formally pulling in 4,000 dollars, "customs clearance". Another thing is that the special status of a host of products can be mades exceptions.

However, even when you are ready to part with such a sum, there are rules of entry, disregard of which involves considerable fines. With the recent amendments to the legislation due to the start of the Customs Union, the individuals may have taken away in Belarus alcoholic beverages not exceeding 3 liters, including beer. If 3 to 5 liters, then for every extra liter to pay extra 10 euros. If we translate the calculations on almost 800 liters for a family of Armenian cognac Lukashenko, the less the three legal liters (minor Mikolka import alcohol is prohibited) will have to pay 10 euros for above 780-790 liters. And it's more than 10 thousand dollars. So the strategic reserve, though rejoices the heart, but palpable hits the pocket.


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