When landslide in Thailand 10 people were missing, one dead

Landslide in Thailand.  Photo: © REUTERSOne person was killed and ten people were missing on Friday in the Thai province Uttharadit with mud flows, according to Thai media.
By mudslide hit three villages, who were on a hillside near Namphat, reported online edition of the newspaper Nation. More than 300 families living in the three villages, lost their homes, property and livestock.
According to the Ninth National Channel, in the three villages there was not a whole building.
On Friday, the National Disaster Warning Center announced the danger of floods and mudflows in most of the northern and eastern provinces of Thailand. The threat will continue until September 12, and in the case of continued heavy rain warning will be extended for the following week, the center said in a statement.
Peak annual seasonal rainfall wet (monsoon) season usually falls in Thailand in August — September. At this time every year, there is a partial flooding of the lowest areas of land along the banks of rivers and lakes, as well as in areas that are below sea level.
This year, heavy rains started earlier than usual and have already caused to the north and, in part, in the center of the country's devastating floods.
Centre for Prevention of Natural Disasters stressed in a statement that the threat of flooding and debris flow does not apply to most of the tourist areas of Thailand. However, the center warns tourists of the need heightened caution when visiting the mountainous areas of the country.

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