When the fridge is empty, put there-radio

Maria Ivanovna Kvasovka often listens to public radio program at home. The fact that she had recently heard, prompted the call for "Freedom."

"It is very interesting on the radio say, 75% live well. How? You lukashisty, you think?'re Lying! If all of our collective living well head of the collective farm and his family, and the rest — the poor! Paycheck to paycheck, the pension before retirement . People are laughing with you. Speak your truth even by "radyekroptsy", do not be fooled people. It's so put the people that can not walk to the store. Prices are 32, 34, 37 thousand — and everyone is happy. Shame on you! Children in Store not seen. "

This statement says the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Sergei Antonchick.

Sergei Antonchick

"What we are witnessing now is the Renaissance. So it was under communism, when told about the promotion of a brilliant life. Now Belarusians will come across the same communist rake.

Previously I was an anecdote: "If you have nothing in the fridge, do a radio receiving station there — and there will be all." Most interesting is that the system returns the one that was under the communists, but at prices that are exclusive to the system are extremely high. In order for this economic miracle to hide from people, this is a lie through the state propaganda. It is dangerous for the government itself, because people no longer believe in and what they want to achieve promotion, will have the opposite result. "

Demonstration of the movie "The Godfather" on Russian television caused a stir in the community. Students have expressed different views. Listener "Freedom", which believes that the filmmakers stipulate the head of state, has demonstrated his Belarusian audience to "BT".

"The attack on our President of the Russian goes on television and in newspapers. Would not it be better to let all 3 film on the" BT ", and the people would appreciate what is true and what is false. And would not have to again and again to seek out those who looked and punish. This causes an increased interest. know the forbidden fruit — sweet, especially any comments from the authorities there. And just a rumor. Many people in Belarus do not take seriously these films. "

In another listener the opposite view:

Accurately shows the 16-year-old reality in the movies "The Godfather." And let Zyuganov, Borodin, Luzhkov and many other Russians do not shed tears, that is an insult to the Belarusian people. This is not the case. "

Listener call to freedom after, I saw special forces exercises:

"Opposite the village Limes per kilometer from the ring road in the woods being exercised riot police, who I watch from the window of the pilot plant. Here you can see the red and white flags, riot police surrounded them, a large number of people, cars, ambulance. Apparently, there is a preparation for the elections. very interesting, too bad that there is no camera. "

Leader of the "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich riot police repeatedly detained during the crackdown. He knows that the first special forces pull out from the crowd of national flags.

Zmitser Dashkevich

"The white-red-white flag — a symbol of the revival of Belarus, a symbol of change. Naturally, Lukashenko sees it that way. Therefore, all the shares and the dispersal of these workouts, which tells the listener radio" Freedom ", starting with the fact that it is necessary flags hovering over people and make the crowd into a community torn, trampled, torn, etc.

But I do not think that this strategy will bear fruit, because when a white-red-white flag was revived after 70 years of communist terror, of course, that he will be reborn after 16 years of Lukashenko's stagnation. "

After listening to the program, "Call to Freedom" some students discuss with others and express their thoughts. Here is one of those reasons:

"One student said very wise words made a very wise policy analysis in our country. He said that the opposition should now be all the people, it really is our leader has created around him such a force, the troops under his own power, and said they would shoot back up to the last Chuck for their power. possible to imagine that he does not anyone to padpustsits that someone had taken power. We see how we crack down on the opposition, the prisons, the deductions from the universities are dying, people are scratching their ribs. How could it work opposition, that in 16 years no one from the opposition was not allowed to television, closing the newspaper. Opposition must be the people themselves. Here was a transfer from Krupki. A woman from work does not see light of day, and said: I will vote for Lukashenko. So there has to understand that people need to understand the history of Belarus, the people who shared a few times between the different states. Therefore, this nation is unlikely to become so fast that the opposition, which is what we need today. "

You hear calls for "Freedom." Let me remind you that the phone is "Freedom" in Minsk — 266-39-52, running 24 hours a day. Call and write! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for feedback on the work of Radio "Liberty."

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