Who are you — Martians …?

Many of you remember the famous line from the movie by Eldar Ryazanov's "Carnival Night" — "Is there life on Mars." At the time it was seen only as a joke. Today, however, comic phrase becomes the object of serious scientific discussion, especially in light of recent discoveries.


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Back in 1996, the international media appeared an eye opener that was found in the Antarctic meteorite contains fossilized microorganisms. Stone Guest, as the researchers found, flew to us from Mars. This discovery is stunning impression on the general public. Not only the proponents of the theory of extraterrestrial civilizations, but also some eminent scientists took this fact as one piece of evidence that existed long before the Earth's Martian civilization. In this connection there are legitimate questions: who inhabited the Red Planet, which was Mars? And if life has been on the planet, that is where she disappeared?

Mars has decided to unveil the hidden secrets. For several years, Russian scientists have studied the two meteorite whose age had more than 4.5 million years. As a result, their interiors have been found fossilized remains of extraterrestrial mushrooms. So, because fungal cells coincide with human cells, then from there came to Earth from asteroids should be highly organized life of living creatures that are adapted to the vacuum of space — that was the conclusion of scientists. It has been established and the origin of "space aliens" — they are all part of Mars. So what — we, humans are direct descendants of Martians? Is this possible?

Ancient legends and myths of the Sumerian-Akkadian, Egyptian, Indian civilizations of Assyria and Babylon, and the nations of America — Maya, Inca and Aztec, almost literally tell the story of the emergence of life on Earth, known to many from the Old Testament. Here spirituality merges with the scientific theory of panspermia, according to which genetic material, the life-giving organisms can be transported through space, not only in itself, but as part of a full-fledged cell. It is possible that as a result of a planetary catastrophe, people on Mars died. But do not hit the genetic root of life. It was scattered in different corners of the universe, including the planet Earth. But this is just a hypothesis, which will either prove or disprove.


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