Why addiction to alcohol leads to divorce?


Alcohol is one of the most common causes of family disintegration. Why many are not willing to put up with fatal predilection spouse — read here!

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Despite the fact that all talk about the dangers of alcohol, many still continue to drink. Very often this leads not only to the disintegration of the human personality, but also the disintegration of his family.

In most cases, people start drink just out of boredom, monotony of life, "greyness" of family relations. A person who uses alcohol, trying to escape reality, to relax and unwind. It can begin with the usual meeting friends for a glass of beer, and end of this alcohol addiction. It is important that family members were able to stop in time addicted drinker, thus not allowing the family conflicts. The scariest situation arises when both husband and wife begin to drink. In such cases, the likelihood that they can cope with alcohol dependence is very low.

Male alcoholism — the most common. However, it is known that in most cases the wives stay with their husbands drinking, trying to support them and to save from alcoholism. But husbands, on the contrary — very often do not want to save a marriage with his wife drinking. When a man falls in alcohol dependence, work and family in his life go by the wayside, he becomes aggressive and rude. In such a situation, all the worries fall on the fragile shoulders of his wife, who is forced to earn money and do household chores and raise children.

Children due to alcoholism dad and permanent employment mothers suffer from a lack of care and attention. Constant scandals and conflicts have a negative impact on school performance, as well as on the mind and character of the child. Usually, children who grow up in dysfunctional families, feel inferior among their peers, not only because of the drinking parent, but also because of the financial problems in the family, which are also the consequences of alcoholism. The moral trauma experienced by children in the future may adversely affect their health.

It is known that female alcoholism is much more difficult to treat because of the fairer sex addiction develops much faster than that of men. Also, women are drinking faster the degradation of the individual: it is no longer look after themselves, it becomes fluff in sexual terms, and, unfortunately, very often it is not possible to save the marriage. Proven negative effects of alcohol on the offspring: a family drinking a strong possibility of having children with physical and mental disabilities.

It is clear that the spouses is difficult to put up with the constant conflicts and misunderstandings in the family, with the untidiness, rudeness and aggression of his "life partner", so that all children have to see this. Therefore, most way out is divorce. This is confirmed by the study that drinking and alcoholism occupy the first place among the motives for the dissolution of marriage.

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