Why are there problems with the hair?

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In the adult human are three types of hair: long (located on the head, armpits, pubic hair), short (eyebrows and eyelashes) and lanugo — fine, short, subtle, growing all over the body.

All variety of cosmetic procedures — coloring, highlighting, perm, capacity — should be carried out on healthy hair. One of the reasons for the deterioration of the hair may be the wrong care. However, the main reason — this is a sick, exhausted by the skin of the scalp. It (same way as skin a person can be dry, oily or normal. If you are experiencing serious problems with the hair — such as dandruff, hair loss, you need to consult a beautician or a trichologist.

Throughout its history, man has sought to resolve two conflicting objectives: how to restore the lost hair and how to get rid of unwanted hair. Human hair is showing surprising tenacity, growing again after the most devastating impacts, or drop out, despite all efforts to save them.

Hair consists of two parts — permanent and temporary. Permanent part — it's the hair follicle (follicle), and the temporary part — it is actually hair. Hair growth is due to the multiplication of cells the bottom of the follicle — the hair bulb. It is important to remember that hair is dead from the moment that come out of the hair follicle. They do not nourish the blood stream and lymph, are not affected by the state of the endocrine system and our psychological state.

By themselves, hair can not be healthy or sick. They can only be healthy or sick-looking (lush, dense or sparse, shiny or dull, greasy or dry, soft or hard), as well as damaged — brittle, split, etc. So the problem with the hair — it's either a problem of the scalp or hair care problems.

At present the problem of diseases of the scalp has a higher prevalence. About 96% of men and 79% of women experience increased hair loss problem. However, there are people who suffer from back problems — hirsutism. If hirsutism (Latin hirsutus — Hairy: male pattern hair distribution in women) thin lanugo hair on the body of a woman reborn into a thick and tough. They are located on the upper lip and chin, as well as the nipple on the abdomen, upper and lower extremities (especially on the legs and arms).

Hirsutism — hormonal problem, which may be associated with acne and thinning hair on the head. This problem solved by restoring hormonal balance and hair removal.

Now let us remember a diverse and numerous advertisements of various means of hair care products. Indeed, the hair shaft is constructed of a soft keratin, so to provide mechanical strength, it is wrapped in the inner lining — several layers of transparent scales, keratin which is harder. In normal hair scales are flush with each other, so the hair look shiny, flexible, and easy to comb. Perming, coloring, over-drying hair dryer and other influences cause flaking, whereby they are lifted. This causes the hair entanglement and difficulty in combing. In some cases, the destruction of the cuticle goes so far as to appear hair is almost completely devoid of cuticle. As a result, they can be split at the ends (split hairs) or break off at the root (brittle hair). Brittle hair can also be a sign of eczema, psoriasis or any fungal disease.

On the condition of the hair is significantly affected by human nutrition. Deficiency of vitamins, minerals and proteins, especially when various diets can lead to deterioration even normal hair. That is why the treatment of various types of hair damage is always prescribed vitamins and trace elements: zinc, silicon, iron, copper and sulfur, as they play an important role in the formation of keratin structure. Vitamins A and E normalize the function of the skin, vitamins C and E are struggling with aging vitamins are necessary for growth, so often prescribed yeast.

With hair problems are inextricably linked problem presence of dandruff. Dandruff appears as the result of an abnormally rapid cell renewal of the scalp. However, in order to identify the original cause of her need to go to a dermatologist, trichologist (trichologist — a specialist on diseases of the hair, and a dermatologist — a specialist in diseases of the skin), as is the indispensable companion dandruff and seborrhea of other diseases. By the way, contrary to popular opinion, no shaving, no sunlight does not have any influence on the rate of hair growth.

It is understood that the treatment of any pathology hair— The process exceptionally long, a stretch sometimes for years, combining complex therapeutic procedures with the proper beauty treatments. In the case where the hair damage provoked by "chemistry", bleaching and other cosmetic procedures, it is enough to stop in time to regain their hair a healthy shine and beauty. So, if you are of hardship with their problematic hair, in a hurry to see a trichologist, a dermatologist. In searching for the source of your suffering doctor will prescribe a spectral analysis, showing the big picture to assess the overall condition of the body. Depending on the results of analyzes you will be prescribed medication.

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