Why business is not going to the province

Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky demanded to understand the reason why the business is not going to the province, why not implement the State program of development of small and medium-sized cities. At more than 30 thousand enterprises salary this year is less than $ 200. In regions not created the conditions for the creation of private business.

Gomel oblast: What is attention and a business

The Gomel region in small towns and cities this year planned to open 235 different small industries. But in such localities as Rogachev, Petric, Parichi, Loew, Uvarovichi not created at all any new production.

The reasons for the individual entrepreneur says Mr. Valery Uvaravichav with:

There is no possibility normally to deliver the goods, as it is supposed to do businessman

"It is not possible to hire people as it was before — up to three people. Secondly, there is no possibility normally to deliver the goods, as it is supposed to do businessman. As if I have the right to import goods from another country for up to 10 thousand dollars, but in practice this is not possible. Customs checking says: yes, you have these two things, these two, the rest — on the scale. How many pounds do you have there? them and multiply by 4 euro. "

In small towns and settlements development of small business is largely dependent on the attitude of local leadership to him, which, in turn, needs to prynarovlivaetstsa superiors.

Says entrepreneur from Chechersk Valentine:

"They did not help us, but only require taxes at higher rates. Was covered market — it was taken away. We are standing in the mud — not zatsementavali not asphalted. Said, blinds will be set, but they do not put. We were received by 14 Chairman of the Executive Committee on July Ivan Coma. And he promised that he will do blinds. kamungaz laid the foundation — and stopped. They say there is no money. And we are not allowed to build, and do not build themselves. And we are in makeshift stalls in the mud for two months stand . "

Mogilev Region: Few places have a change to private business

In Mogilev for officials meeting the targets of growth in the number of small businesses is more important than the actual state of affairs with entrepreneurship.

Any problems with the registration of businesses in small towns do not, says entrepreneur Vyacheslav Sheleg, but wanting to start a little business. Join the ranks of entrepreneurs often unemployed because they can not find something else to do in a small town.

"He could and would function as before to individual entrepreneurs, but given that he can not hire a worker, he is forced to open the company. And here is the big difficulty. Lack of accountants, lack of knowledge — and ignorant people can be quite a lot of mistakes. Especially in small town, as there are no qualified professionals. When inspections are identified serious violations. "

Much of the registered small towns entrepreneurs seeking

Not yet where there are big changes that business immediately picked up and started to develop.

of a better life in the big cities. Officials also indicate in their report that the number of businesses in their community is growing:

"He may not need that company, whether that person important for him to put a tick that is in his district is. His figure is needed. He does not care how you work and what you will" — said Vyacheslav Sheleg.

Officials forced to perform forecast figures, said chairman of the public and business associations Tatiana Kozlovskaja:

"What these data do not show? Neither these data show — who wants to lose their job. When we were in last place on the ease of paying taxes, raised too rigid to simplify the tax system and to simplify the management of business was to interest in the business to work. Few however, where there is such a big change that business immediately picked up and started to develop. Rather small steps will have to be on to something great. "

Vitebsk region: the power to destroy roadside service entrepreneur

According to former owner Basil Ilnitsky, former owner of camping in the village Kuzmino Gorodok district authorities with it already "understood": the certificate owner canceled and destroyed the same "object roadside service," which was a family business Ilnitsky 20 years.

I pleaded, won two ships, three lost, and then said that I would do charity

"It was a private company for the provision of roadside services on the international route Moscow-Odessa. Since 1991, it has been co-operative, and then the enterprise structure. Entrepreneurship my end when I was accused of illegal occupation of land. I pleaded, won two courts, three lost, and then said that he would engage in charity. "

Vasily Ilnitsky told that I had to turn the camp into a social haven, using his own property. A portion of this property from the owner sued, including the hotel where staying truck drivers. Several other houses lord Ilnitsky called a "haven for disadvantaged and offended the authorities." It was, as they say, a non-profit project, but he continued to interfere with his superiors and, as such: once he caught the eye of the Chairman Executive Committee Alexander Kosinetsin. Immediately began to demolish the construction, citing the decision Gorodok authorities, allegedly taken in 2006, the year. This Basil Ilnitsky explained in the executive committee:

"Syarbolin, head of the legal department, said that there Kosinets travels frequently and made a remark. Then we supposedly found a document from the year 2006. But if they just took away those houses! And then pleaded to them … But they mutilated them! Part removed from the foundation, was dragged to the woods and put them on the ground. broke stuff. The houses were the property. damage inflicted on me 30 thousand dollars. "

Constructing hidden away from the eyes of the regional authorities. Other property that was on the backyard, just buried in the ground …

Vasily Ilnitsky says that the government not only did not help his business, as everywhere promise, and destroyed the life's work:

"I have the" Book of complaints and suggestions, "I have kept it. Wrote There's drivers that are the object of roadside service is very necessary. And it is in this place, in Kuzmino. Wonder in the days of Catherine there was a coaching inn, this is an excellent point I did a cost-effective services, and the object — we need people. "

The historic hotel building, which went to "Belavtodor" after the entrepreneur Ilnitsky

The historic building inns — the personal pain of Basil Ilnitskagand which equipped in a listed building the hotel. Now this object belongs to the state enterprise "Belavtodor" which is trying to make here is again the object of roadside service. The government has selected the entrepreneur economically profitable business and took himself says Mr. Ilnitsky.

"We made props. Is the law on roadside service — that is complex should be. So, can not be an object without boiler — but it is not. Without water intake tower. Water intake tower there, and they have done well in the place of my dirt. Such is miracle and now in their pit found E. coli. "

Brest: Working conditions are not conducive to a busines

The Brest region there are more than 34 thousand individual entrepreneurs. Many of them complain about the outage.

Entrepreneur of Ivatsevichy Andrew, who opened a coffee house near the town, said the officials claim that today create your company is easy. But this is not the case. Ivatsevichy about a road Warsaw-Moscow. It seems extremely beneficial to create a cafe here, but this takes a lot of time:

Today, I'll take the land from the road to a cafe, in the best case I can only start in two years! For a whole year I will need to ensure that a project, then building. At a minimum, 100 million rubles

"That's where I am today I will take land from the road to a cafe, in the best case I can only start in two years! Whole year to me it would take to create a project, then building. Imagine how much this takes money. Here's how must be at least 100 million rubles. "

Receive funds in the form of a loan is possible, says the businessman. But it can be a real trap, because the huge interest:

"The credit resources, which are extremely expensive, and endless bureaucratic procedures, the prices of these procedures, the time to sell. To avoid this, a lot faster all would have developed."

Entrepreneur of Kosovo, which is engaged in manufacturing of furniture, said today that private enterprise be extremely difficult. We have to compete with state-owned enterprises, which are very heavily protected by the state:

"Merchants consumer society, through which we sell our products, do not rush to pay us. So we constantly lack of funds. This state stores is recognized that there is a list of state-owned enterprises, which need to be payments in the first place, even though the whether the product is sold. "

Entrepreneur of Belaaziorsk says that in his city businessman should do things on their own, starting with the delivery and retrieval of goods, prior to its sale. Those who provide services to the public should be spending a lot of time on bureaucratic procedures:

"A lot to go through courts to open their own business. And then, to make it function, you also need a lot of time on a variety of documents, checks and reports."

Entrepreneurs at the same time emphasize that their work also depends on the demand of citizens. People in the region earn very little.

Grodno region, "Private traders are afraid to invest in the business because the government acts unpredictably"

Even the authorities note that in small towns small business is growing worse than necessary.

Valentin Brantsevich heads the regional branch of the "Commonwealth" — Belarusian trade union of different forms of business. What determines the development of private initiatives in small towns?

Brantsevich: "Today, the state of small towns, has a program there and less taxation, do business is possible, but why not go there? Therefore, it seems that not enough attention is paid to local executive committee this matter. "

Authorities urged entrepreneurs to create the production, manufacture products, not only to trade.

Brantsevich: "With regard to small-scale production, assembly, independent, found a man who decided to make a car repair, release of products which gave work to people. There are problems with this. Zelvenskiy in the area could do that two private companies, and maybe they do not, chances just as in the past year was not. "

And in reports authorities appreciate the numbers.

Brantsevich: "We have created one entity, all shout" hurray ", everyone is happy, throughout the report are given. And next year is not created, so bad.'s The question. And today make the business work where there is no benefit, it is impossible. How I can get to go somewhere far away from Grodno and create something there? makes no sense. "

Dmitry Kukhlei
Bridges of an individual entrepreneur, his opinion:

"I think there is still a problem in the transfer of real estate. Difficult for people to find a place to organize production, rental rates are high, the authorities are taking the maximum. This is one of the reasons. People are also still afraid to invest here in the bridge. But there it was, and problem with the premises, although many buildings are that are not used, but the authorities do not want to send them for free, but only at great expense, they do not stand. "

Also, you never know, this government will continue to lease or not — says Dmitry Kukhlei. By the way, it has created in Mosty ZhESam cooperative as an alternative to providing services in the field of housing and communal services, but it is not growing as fast as we would like, said Dmitry Kukhlei. Why?

"It's not just a room, you need access to certain information. Municipalities City receives grants, it can receive and cooperatives, but this is difficult to achieve, the executive committees contribute to its utility, government", — says Dmitry Kukhlei.


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