Why children do not like dentists?

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About how to choose the child's oral health, as well as the complexities and nuances of the child's dentist, says the chief doctor of children's dental clinic "Martinka" Nathan R. Nuvahov.

R. Nathan, why not take the children to the adult dentistry, what need of child clinic?
Pediatric dentistry is very different from the adult: child needs a special approach. Everyone in the clinic should be adapted for young patients. We decided to create a children's clinic on the basis of our network of dental clinics for adults "Doc Martin."

They say that in recent years the city children's dental clinics have become much better, it really so?
Unfortunately, in a normal pediatric dentistry are still being used are not the most modern materials. But anesthetics and filling materials should be adapted to treat children. The materials that we use are made the best of Western companies, mainly American, especially for the treatment of children. For example we have a "Martinka" is used anesthetic, which is in the form of jam, which has different tastes. No injections, it is applied to the surface of a tooth and the gingiva.
Unfortunately, not always sufficiently similar application anesthesia, sometimes it does not dispense with a simple injection.

What is the fundamental difference between "Martinka" from other private clinics?
We continuously work on their professional development, because you can never stop. Our expertise is constantly increasing. For example our children very highly skilled surgeon. It happens that patients who are 16 years of age and who have visited a children's dentistry, on the advice of an orthodontist in some cases it makes sense to part with wisdom teeth, so that no further problems arose. But if I say that we are the only and unique, this is not quite right, after all, the main criterion is the professionalism of doctors, we have a very well-organized team of doctors and good.

Now there are a variety of computer programs to simulate the bite, you use them in your practice?
Yes, "Martinka" we use a unique system of computer simulation. The patient's teeth are scanned for special equipment, and it turns out the initial 3-D model. With this program, it is transformed into a setup model is the final position of the teeth, which we want to achieve. Using this model, we plan to cure and produce individual brackets and arch for them.

Speaking of braces, how long it takes the bite correction using them? Year, two years, five?
At least a year, an average of one and a half years. For complex pathology of occlusion treatment can continue for two years.
It is important to remember that after orthodontic treatment is necessary to fix the resulting bite, so first we use braces, which are then replaced with a special wire — retainer, she holds the teeth in the correct position. Retainers are not visible and the patient does not feel any discomfort.

And what if the tooth is destroyed?
In such case the baby crown. This new method, which aims to restore anatomical tooth decay, fill it if it's too late. Crowns are made in the form of metal "cap", they are very popular in Western Europe, Japan, South Korea.
We are actively using the coating teeth with these bits, it's a good alternative to deletion. After all, if we lose a baby tooth, it affects the bite, resulting in the displacement of the adjacent teeth. The empty space should hold for this child is made removable or non-removable prosthesis device.

How quickly put the crown? It is comfortable for the child than dentures?
Yes, much more comfortable. A turning and fixing crowns in a single visit passes for 10-15 minutes.

As far as the crown is more expensive than other treatments?
Crowns patient cost slightly more than the removal, but they are much better and more comfortable for the child.

If the child develops caries — blame the parents who do not teach children to brush their teeth?
Carious processes, as would be ideal children do not brush their teeth, it is still there. Unfortunately, we hygiene culture at a low level. Although we try to instill in her, telling about hygiene, give out free special brushes, tooth paste, tooth decay but still occurs, and therefore there are problems with the gums and the mucous, and this is also part of dentistry.

And what is the age of the patients, and from? When people realize that their children's time to treat your teeth?
In principle, patients can even be biennial, at this age may have problems with your teeth, it is related to nutrition, with genetics. Caries in this age shall be suspended by a technique such as "Soforayt" is silver teeth, or rather its more modern version. It does not provide for any "preparation" of the teeth, they are just covered with a special film with a silver content to the carious process has not gone further.
A more aggressive treatment, which includes setting fillings and other procedures carried out with 4-5 years and 16-17 years.
As for the orthodontist, the age of his patients is not limited.

What patients more? Patients with "running" teeth or is it most come at the initial stage, when it is still possible to correct?
All this depends on the particular family. There are parents who bring their children to us only when the baby teeth are aching. In such situations, cheerless prospect, because if the baby come when the baby tooth is destroyed, it is necessary to remove it.
Moreover, the main problem in pediatric dentistry — is that quite often at the reception of our young patients we see that tooth decay has destroyed more than one tooth, and five or six. To avoid this, you should visit the dentist regularly.

But sometimes it is difficult to get a child to go to the doctor …
The professionalism of the doctor is not only his knowledge and the ability to work with your hands, but also the ability to make contact. We find a contact with children, even if they have some psychological characteristics fears.
We have a monitor in each office for which we show cartoons. In the lobby, there is a possibility to play the aquarium. We have tried to make the interior more enjoyable for the children.

Which patients visit your blade?
We have a clinic middle segment, that is, it is not the most expensive, but not of the economy class. Accordingly, we have treated the middle class, and of course there are vip-patients, or rather those whose parents are more than provided, but this price, we do not change.

Where did they learn about the clinic, "Martinka"?
If we talk about the parents who come to us, it was mostly the ones who recommend our clinic, to some extent, users of the Internet and, of course, some of the patients come to us from our network of clinics adults, because our patients also have Children. I think that up to 50% come on the recommendation, and 25-30 percent are the ones who are constantly inspected and treated by us.

In a way, you get a family dentistry?
Yes, it is, patients often one of our adult clinics bring their children into the "Martinka". But there are kids whose parents give to us on the recommendation of friends, not knowing about the network adult clinics "Doc Martin", and only then their parents come to our adult clinic.

If the baby's lead with an acute problem, it must be booked in advance and wait in line or have the opportunity to receive urgent without an appointment?
If acute pain, very often we go to a meeting and take immediately.

How much consultation in the "Martinka"?
If the patient is being treated or comes on readmission, then we have a free consultation.


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